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Basic Vastu Guidelines For An Ideal Home

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Vastu for Ideal home

Some people run to meet Vastu experts when they have gone half of the construction which use useless.  It is necessary to evaluate the surroundings even before buying a plot. Rivers, hills, roads, religious places, etc. play an important role in the success of any site according to Vastu.

Basic Vastu Guidelines for an Ideal home

  • One should buy either a rectangular or square-shaped property. Never buy a property with any major corner extensions, corner cuts & also a slope.
  • The prayer room should be located in the northeast corner of the house. The lamp should be in the south-east. Similarly, water should be placed on the northeast side of the temple.
  • Make sure that you remove broken statues, spoiled & also faded pictures from the prayer area.
  • Photographs of the dead or ancestors should be in the south-west corner. Hence, putting them in the prayer room and bedroom is not suggestible.
  • The living room along with the dining room should be properly located in the North, East, or North East side of the house.
  • The master bedroom should be located in the Southwest corner to provide the head of the family to guide the family’s fortunes wisely.
  • The bathroom should be located in the Northwest or west region of the entire location.
  • Furthermore, overhead water tanks can be made on the roof in the south-west direction. In fact, an underground water tank is beneficial in the north-east direction.

Important Ideal Home Vastu

  • The Images or statues are a very important part of the house. Hence, pictures depicting war scenes or painting of a sorrow, struggle, violence, tragedy, and calamities should have no place in the house or office.
  • The storeroom in the Northwest corner leads to an abundant supply of essential commodities.
  • The central area which is a brahmasthan should not be heavy. It should be free from any obstructions like pillars, staircases, walls, etc.
  • The study room should be in the East, Northeast, or East of the house. A Student should face east or north while studying. The use of vibrant colors like yellow, blue, orange, violet should be more in this room. A Student can not concentrate in the study room located towards the south-west or south room.
  • The width and height of an ideal house building should not exceed a 1:2 ratio to draw maximum benefits from the site.


  • If you need to build an additional floor or loft, it is advisable to make it in the Southwest or West area. This will act as a shock absorber during hard times and also protects the sources of income. It is a morale booster to inspire people to get going when things are tough. More weight and height on the Southwest are like a solid foundation for good health & prosperity.

These were Basic vastu guidelines for an ideal home. Hope this article is informative for you. To read more articles like this. Click here. If you need more vastu’s information for your ideal home you can comment down. If you are about to invest, sell, or rent any real estate property you can always visit

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