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Importance of Money Plants According to Vaastu

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Money plant is one of the most popular indoor plants. You can find money plants in almost every household. Since ancient times, people believe that the money plant brings happiness, prosperity, and good luck to their home. Also, it adds aesthetic value to your home décor. Due to its green, leafy and ornamental nature, it is the favorite indoor plant of most interior designing experts. Money plants are very beneficial from all aspects according to Feng Shui and Vaastu. We have brought all the details about why and how to take one of the money plants in your home.

Benefits of Having Money Plant in Your Home

Here is the list of various reasons why you should get a money plant immediately in your home.

Air Purifying Plant!

Money plants have the capacity to purify the air of your surroundings. It purifies the air polluted by modern furnishings made of synthetic materials and cleaning chemicals. Also, it increases oxygen inflow in your home.

Reduces Radiation

The radiation generated through modern appliances like Wi-Fi routers and microwaves is harmful to our health. One of the benefits of having a money plant in your home is that it reduces these harmful radiations. Therefore, keeping you can keep it near a computer, television, or Wi-Fi router.

Neutralizes Sick Building Syndrome

You may not know about this but this beautiful plant has the ability to neutralize sick building syndrome. It absorbs all the negative energy from your surroundings. Not only this, but it also attracts peace and tranquility in the house.

Reduces Stress

If you place a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle, it reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps to avoid arguments and sleeping disorders.

Attracts Wealth and Prosperity

People have always associated money plant with wealth and prosperity. It helps in removing obstacles in financial growth and brings multiple sources of income. Also, they play an important role in bringing positive energy to the home.

How to grow money plant in your home?

Though money plants possess various beneficial qualities, it is very easy to grow them without any difficulty. You can grow them in soil or water using the stem cutting method. However, you should take proper care of them to ensure proper growth. Therefore, here are few tips on how to grow a money plant in your home.

  • From a healthy plant, select a small money plant stem. Make sure the length is about 12-15 inches long.
  • Cut the stem from below a node (the point where the leaves emerge).  You will see a small root there.
  • After cleaning the steam, place it in a bottle or jar filled with clean water. Make sure at least one node emerges under the water.
  • Place the jar near the window so that it receives enough sunlight.
  • After some days, the plant will start to grow. As they grow like climbers, use a thread to tie the new stem.

How to Take Proper Care of Money Plant?

As said earlier, though it is easier to grow, money plants need proper maintenance.  

  • Keep changing the water frequently. At least once a week.
  • Prune the tips and stems in order to ensure good growth.
  • Always keep the plant where it receives indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight may burn the leaves.
  • Do not use fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Ensure enough space and flow of light and space around the plant.
  • To keep the plants healthy, remove the dried or dead leaves frequently.

Where to Place the Money Plant for more Benefits?

When you place the plant in the right place, it ensures to bring more peace, wealth, and happiness to your family. Here are a few tips on where to place the plants for more advantage.

  • The southeast corner of your house is the perfect place to keep the money plant. As this is the direction of wealth, you can attract prosperity and drive all the negative energy.
  • If the entrance of your home lies in the north, then place the plant there. People believe that this helps to attract a lot of career opportunities.
  • Place it either on to the left or right side of the bed, if you want to keep the plant in your bedroom.
  • Sharp corners in your homes are a point of stress and negativity. Thus, you can place the plant there to avoid negativity.
  • Never let the stems or the leaves fall on the ground if you want to avoid quarrels in your home.
  • Do not keep the money plant near red items or on any red surface. This is because when placed in red area, it has negative effects.

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