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Kitchen Vastu Tips And Advices For People In Nepal

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Kitchen Vastu

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. It’s where you and your family gets to dine together. It is also the place where raw foods gets cooked into delicious and nutritious food. Every house comes with its own energy and that energy is transferred to every room of the house. Kitchen represents fire element, one of the five element of the environment. Thus, it is important to construct according to Vastu. When a kitchen is constructed according to Vastu, it is said to bring happiness, peace and wealth in the family. Therefore, this blog provides you with detailed information about various Vastu tips for your kitchen.

Kitchen Direction As Per Vastu

The ideal place to construct your kitchen is south-east direction of your home. This is because, God of Fire, Agni, dwells in that direction according to Vastu. You can also opt for north-west direction. However, make sure to avoid north, north-east and south-west direction. These directions are not good for a kitchen as it may cause quarrels among the family members.

kitchen direction as per vastu
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Vastu For Kitchen Stove

Place the gas stove in the south-east direction of your kitchen. As mentioned earlier, the direction represents God of Fire. While cooking, make sure to face the east direction. As both are opposing elements, never place fire and water element parallel to each other.

Placement Of Sink And Taps According To Kitchen Vastu

As water and fire are opposite to each other, placing its element far from each other is always better. You can place the sinks and taps in north-east direction. If you can balance these fire and water elements in the kitchen, there will always be peace and harmony in your home.

sink design of kitchen
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Placement of Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances such as microwaves and refrigerator are integral part of the kitchen. Thus, placement of these electrical appliances matters in Vastu. Always place these electrical appliances in south-east direction. But avoid north-east direction for electrical appliances as it becomes a hindrance in the kitchen.

Windows Vastu In Kitchen

Windows in the kitchen are a must, to keep the area breathable and ventilated. According to Vastu, windows help to let all the negativity out and bring positivity inside. Thus, every kitchen should have at least one window facing the east. Also, install the exhaust fans should in the southern direction of your kitchen. They help in the proper flow of the air.

window in kitchen as per vastu
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Things to avoid in Kitchen according to Vastu

Here are the list of things that you need to avoid according to Vastu in context of Nepal.

  • Never construct a kitchen above or under the place of worship.
  • Avoid coloring your kitchen walls black.
  • The gas stove should not face the kitchen entrance.
  • Don’t place the kitchen door in a corner.
  • A kitchen should not be built in the north-east direction of your house.
  • Make sure you don’t face west while cooking. This is because it may bring health issues in the family.
  • Never place your refrigerator in the north-east direction of the house.
  • Do not be place the kitchen over or under a bedroom.
  • Avoid building a kitchen over or under a toilet.
  • Do not build a kitchen in the south-west corner of the house. It increases quarrels between the family members.
kitchen vastu tips

What Are Feng Shui Tips For Kitchen?

Feng Shui is similar to Vaastu. It is an ancient Chinese art that uses energy forces, harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment. Like kitchen vastu, Feng shui also provided various dos and don’ts. If you are more into Feng Shui, then here are some basic tips to Feng Shui your kitchen.

  • According to Feng shui, having a messy kitchen creates negative energy in your space, which can then impact the health of family members. Thus, remember to clean and declutter to keep good energy flowing in the kitchen.
  • Avoid the colors red, oranges, black and blue in the kitchen. These colors can create an energy imbalance in the room. You can paint yellows and beiges, color of the earth element, instead.
  • Don’t let space above cabinets be empty. This is because it not only collects dust, but negative energy as well. Thus, always fill the cabinets in your kitchen.
  • Always replace any dishes, utensils, or cooking items that are broken or not functional. Kitchen symbolizes nourishment and care, and broken items don’t create a positive vibe.
  • Make sure you don’t keep trash and recycling bins in open as it brings a negative energy to your kitchen. You can hide trash cans in the pantry or make a built-in trash cabinets.
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

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