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Trendy Colors for Exterior and Interior of the House

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Colors give life to everything. Whether it’s flowers, balloons, clothes or even vehicles, the first thing we notice is the colors. After building or buying your dream house, coloring it with your favorite color is your first priority. Your house will not be complete just by building a magnificent physical structure. Hence, you should color it and bring it to life. If you are confused about which color to choose, worry not. We have brought top five house colors, both interior and exterior that are trending in 2021 in Nepal.

Exterior Colors Trending in 2021

Light Grey

For an ultra-modern look, choose a light gray for the exterior.

house color (light grey)


If you want your house to look unique, choose a deep, greenish-blue, turquoise paint.

house color (turquoise)

Butter yellow

Bring warm and calm vibe with pale yellow exterior for your home.

house color (yellow)

Sage green

A sage green gives an earthy tone which lets you accentuate other things like trim and landscaping.


Choosing a gray-blue instead of a conventional gray offers your home additional warmth and playfulness.

house colors (grey blue)

Some colors help to keep your home cool during summer season, Want to know about them? Read the article on colors that keep your home cool.

Interior Colors Trending in 2021

Pastel hues

The colors like baby blue and soft pink always brightens up any room even during the cold and dark winter days.

Earthy tones

Inspired by nature, the colors like sage greens creates positive vibe around the room.

Grounded tones

Grounded tones are the neutral shade that creates relaxing and chill environment.

Ocean Hues

The shades of blue reflects peace, calm and comfort with the touch of modern art.

Hearty Reds

Though people can doubt the color red, it will breathe life into any space.

You can always match the interior design and colors to intensify your home design. Here is the top 5 interior design trending in 2021.

List of Paints of Different Brands and Their Prices in Nepal

Berger, Asian, Kansai Nerolac, Pashupati, Dulux, Jasmine, Shalimar, Reliance, Imperio, Apollo and Fashion are some of the paint companies that are in the Nepali market right now. These companies produce dozens of different quality paints. Here is the price list of various brands and their color.

Asian Paints

ExteriorPrice (per liter)
Ace Emulsion 581
Apex Emulsion1035
Apex Ultima1250
Apex Protect Top Coat1520
Apex Ultima MetallicsGold 2955   Silver 2325
Apex Protect Base Coat910
InteriorPrice (per liter)
Tractor Emulsion581
Apkolight Premium834
Royal Luxury1300
Royal Shine1630
Royal Aspira1850
Royal Bling2000
Royal Health Shield1650

Berger Paints

ExteriorPrice (per liter)
Wall Master581
Weather Coat Smooth1035
Weather Coat All Guard1256
Weather Coat All Guard XP1320
Weather Coat Long Life1938
InteriorPrice (per liter)
Bison Emulsion581
Easy Clean1000
Easy Clean XP1050
Silk Luxury1300
Silk Breathe Easy1680
Silk Glamour1850

Pashupati Paints

ExteriorPrice (per liter)
Ex-coat Plus800
InteriorPrice (per liter)
Luxuria Eco-Safe1050
One way565
Nepolin Interior400
Nepolin Distemper200
Puja Distemper150

Dulux Paints

ExteriorPrice (per liter)
Weather Shield Power Flex1170
Weather Shield Max950
Weather Shield Protect750
Promise Exterior450
InteriorPrice (per liter)
Velvet Touch Diamond Glow1175
Velvet Touch Pearl Glow1000
Super Clean 3 in 1880
Super Lover600
Promise Interior400

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