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Variety of Fans That Keep Your Home Ventilated

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You may have noticed that weather has become quite hot in the country. People are complaining about how they cannot fall asleep due to increasing temperature. As summer season has begun, one of the must-have electronic device in your home is a fan. They are also cheaper than air-conditioner and are energy efficient. If you’re planning to buy a new fan for your home and don’t know about the available options. We are here to help you with a variety of fans available these days that can help you cool off your home during summers.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan is the most common types of fan in Nepal. They are the standard and the most common fan that you will find in most households. These fans are attached to the ceiling of the room. They usually have three blades that cut the atmospheric air and throw it downwards with pressure. However, you find these fans with four or five blades too. They also come in various design. According to its price, they can have basic as well as fancy designs.

Wall Mounted Fans

These fans are hung in wall. They are also the common types of fan in Nepal. These fans are best for commercial purpose. These are designed for compact and tight spaces that have a really low or high ceiling and also don’t consist of proper wiring. There are also popular two variants in wall-bracket fans: ones that have metal bodies and the others that have a plastic built. Wall-mounted fans also come with features like remote control and times.

Pedestal Fan

Due to its mobility, you can plug them anywhere around your house. They are usually made with lightweight materials, making them easy to carry. These are also called “stand fans” and are incredibly tall in their height. The amount of air thrown by a pedestal fan depends on the size of its blades. Like a wall mounted fans, these fans also have either robust metal or fancy plastic bodies. They come with features like remote and timer controls.

An Exhaust Fan

While other fans give you cool air, an exhaust fan does the opposite. This fan throws the warm air out to maintain temperatures indoor. They are usually installed in kitchens and bathrooms. This fan has a wide range of applications both commercially and domestically.

False Ceiling Fan

False ceiling fan is a new type of fan available for the interiors with a false ceiling. It comes with a special case, similar to that of a domestically used exhaust fan. The flow and direction of air coming out of these fans are adjustable with remote control. One disadvantage of this fan is that you may have to install more than one false ceiling fan if you want to make your entire living space airy. This is because their size limits the amount of air they throw, which only ventilates a certain spot in an interior.

Tower Fan

It is a fairly tall, narrow, tower-like fan that usually comes in very sleek and compact designs. They are a type of cooling appliances that come with a rotating base. They also have in-built ionizers that aid in the purif8ication of the air. Tower fans cover a large area since they blow air at a 90-degree angle. They also contain inlets on the sides of the machine that allow them to pull in outside air. Like a pedestal fan, they are movable.

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