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Most Popular Carpet Trends For 2021

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Carpets are one of the important accessories in your home. In fact, they are the foundation of your entire home décor. Woods can never replicate its cozy and comfortable feeling. If you are looking for ways to freshen up your room but in a minimum budget, then changing your carpet is perfect. Carpet is a fantastic way of introducing color or pattern into the home. Therefore, here is the list of must-have carpet trends 2021 to refresh your interiors and make your floors look gorgeous. This year carpet trend is all about comfort, sustainability and functionality.

Bold and Bright

Make a statement by bringing some bright yet bold carpets into your home. Usually people go for simple earth tone color. However, nowadays, homeowners are going for picture pops of color and bold carpet patterns. Don’t forget to pair up these carpets with colorful furniture to have a lively and joyful look. These carpets are best for high traffic areas such as hallways, stairs and landing spaces.


Eco-Chic is all about sustainability and environment. These carpets are made from natural, renewable fibers such as organic cotton, organic wool, sisal, jute, seagrass and bamboo among others. They are perfect to create a mindful and restful space. However, make sure to place them in low-traffic areas in your home such as bedroom.

Geometric Patterns

Geometrics have been a popular trend across other interior areas this year. Moreover, carpets featuring different geometric shapes in various shapes and sizes can be perfect for your room. Expert suggests to experiment with different designs for each room. For example, a pastel-colored dotted carpet in a plush or twist pile texture can look great in your children’s room.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones carpets gives luxe and comfy vibes to your room. Make sure to select jewel-toned carpets in shades such as emerald green, deep purple and sapphire blue. They are the textures and colors that offer comfort. Also, they make your place look bright with touch of royal aura. Therefore, these carpets are perfect for bedroom, drawing room, and living room.


Maximalism is all about breaking the rules. So, instead of traditional and usual design, grab a carpet of mix-matched color combinations and clashing patterns. Furthermore, Choose the carpets in cheerful hues with big, bold patterns and make them go with any color palette and furniture style. They are perfect for children’s room, bedroom, drawing room and living room.

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