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Land Vastu: Important Tips For Buying Land In Nepal

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Investing in any property is not an everyday task. To buy a house or land, people save their earnings, working day and night. Thus, while buying any property, you should check and analyze the condition of the property properly. Also, in case you can make them any better, you should apply every tip you have got in your sleeves. In general belief, Vastu Shastra improves living conditions and promote harmony. If you consider factors of the land vastu before buying, it brings auspiciousness and prosperity, happiness and affluence. Therefore, this blog provides detailed information on Vastu tips for buying the plot of land in Nepal.

Things You should Consider While Buying A Land According To Land Vastu

Level of Land

If the level of the land you are buying is flat, it is very auspicious according to land vastu. However, in case of a rocky land, you should go for other option. If the south and west part of the plot is higher than north or east, it brings good luck.

Roads Around The Land

Never choose a plot that is at the dead end of the road. A plot surrounded by road on all four sides is the best as per Land Vastu. You can purchase the plot if road is coming from the east to the north-east part of the plot. However, road coming from the west and hitting the south-west part of the plot is not worthwhile.

Direction of the Land

Always check and determine the direction of the land site. East and north facing land are appropriate for the construction of house. Remember, in Nepal, it is best to have a square and rectangular shape land. Avoid buying irregular shaped plots if possible.

Color Of The Soil Of The Land

White soil is considered best, while red is good. Avoid the land with black soil with pungent smell. In case of yellow or pale green soil, the plot needs rectification before any work if you considered land vastu.

Obstruction In The Land

If the land is surrounded by tall buildings on the north, north-east or east sides, don’t buy it. Also, avoid the lands with obstruction in front such as pillars, big tree, post etc. Don’t buy the Land that is sandwiched between two huge buildings. Any retraction or cuts in any corner of the plot is considered inauspicious too.

perfect land vastu

What Kind Of Land We Should Avoid Before Buying?

  • If the soil smells of decaying matter, avoid buying such plots. Also, don’t buy the land that is laden with rocks, worms, thorns, bones or other inauspicious substances.
  • Always avoid the land that is located next to a graveyard or hospital. This is because people living in that house will never find peace of mind.
  • Avoid The land at T-junction.
  • The lands that are close to temples as people are not auspicious as negative energies can flow inside your home.
  • A river to the south of the land and mountains to the north of the plot is inauspicious.
  • Avoid irregular shaped plots or maintain a proper shape before constructing a house.
  • Avoid the land that are near to electrical stations or large electrical poles as they attract negative energy.

Remedies For Land Vastu Defects

  • In case of irregular shape land, divide it into two regular plots by separating it through compound walls.
  • If the land has an extension on the north-east side, construct a small temple and plan a garden. You can create a shop or garage on the south-west side if the plot has an extended portion in this direction.
  • To nullify the impact of plot extensions in different directions, use Vastu pyramids. For example, a lead pyramid can be used in the south-west extension or a brass pyramid in the north-west extension. Similarly, copper strips are ideal for the south-east extension.
  • You can correct the land that is raised in the center by digging out and dumping the soil towards the south-west part.
  • In case of defects in the direction, you can use metals, rocks or plants to correct the space by following the suggestions of Land Vastu expert.
vastu remedy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best time to start the construction?

Spring season is best to start construction as the foundation, framing and exterior of the home can be completed before the weather gets too hot. Since, during this period land is in the best condition for construction.

  • Is 2021 a good time to build a house?

It’s best to build a house in the early part of 2021 as the economic condition of the country has begun to recover and the prices of raw materials might go up. So, the sooner, the better.

  • Which month is good for construction?

Baishakh, Shravan, Mangsir, Magh and Falgun among all the months are best to start the construction.

land vastu spring for construction

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