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Trendy Small Living Room Décor Ideas

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As living room is the place where all the guests gather and other functions take place, we all want the room to look amazing yet comfy. However, if the room is cluttered, we don’t even feel like being there. Also, if the living room is small, the chances of room being crowded are higher. Therefore, with these trendy ideas to guide the way, your living room will come to life with fresh looks.

Install Mirrors on the Walls

Mirrors are one of the most popular home décor element. They make your living room look classic as well as modern. Another benefit of having mirror is they create illusions of extra square footage in your room. Also, it is advisable to place the mirrors on the walls opposite to the windows. This is because it helps you get more natural light during the daytime.

Install Smart Lighting

While installing lights in your living room, choose the ones that can be hung from the above or that can be attached to the walls. Remember, that small room looks smaller if there is no adequate lightning. Therefore, make sure to place brighter bulbs that provides enough light in the room. Nowadays, wall washing lights are also popular as you can direct light wherever you choose.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Make Your Space Colorful

Living room is the center of any house. You can even call it as happy place of the home. Therefore, you can make it as colorful as you like it. You can choose different colors and paint them in the wall. Also, to make the space more beautiful with various patterns and designs, try installing colorful wallpapers. They are even cheaper than paints.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

Furniture is an important part of the living room. If you have small space in your living room, the type of furniture you use matters. The way you showcase your furniture also plays an important role when it comes to small living room décor. Make sure to use multipurpose smaller furniture. For example, instead of sofas, you can use club chairs. They are comfortable as well as eye-catching. Therefore, with smaller furniture, you can increase the free space of the room.

Photo by Jon’Nathon Stebbe on Unsplash

Display Artwork Strategically

Arts and other decorative items are compulsory for the living room. However, you cannot put every single piece of art work in a small living room. This makes the room look messy. Therefore, choose one or two of the artwork and place them in your living room. The paintings can make the room look larger in case the ceiling is higher.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Paint Everything White

If colorful is not the right vibe for you, then simply paint the living room white. Painting the room white is the trendy small living room décor idea. You may think it’s a bad idea, but wait till you decorate your space with multi-color items and household accessories. You living room will look amazing if you follow this technique. Also, your room will look bigger as white reflects the light.

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