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10 Tips On Living Room Vastu for People In Nepal

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Vastu Shastra term is a Sanskrit term which means the science of architecture. It is based on the principles of space movement and spatial geometry. It basically focuses on different elements of space and their actions. This helps individuals about the disciplines that really affects their prosperity, happiness and soundness of health. It even states the way of living of the people and how they affect their lives. We also find people using Vastu Shastra while building their houses also. Let us get some insights on Vastu Shastra in living room of the house.

Vastu Tips For Living Room

Here are some things to consider if you’re intending to add new items to your living space. The placement of different things in living rooms matters as per Vastu Shastra.

Living rooms are the most prevalent and vital feature of every home, whether it is modern or historic. Because man is a sociable animal by nature, he requires a place that he can refer to as a meeting place – where he may live with others and/or spend quality time with them.

According to Astrologers in Nepal, “Your home’s living room serves two purposes: socializing and quiet time with your family. Since, one room serves two purposes, it is critical to maintain its vastu properly. For positive energy, follow these vastu recommendations:

1. Direction of Living Room According to Vastu

The orientation of your living room should always be East or North. If you have a south-facing property, though, your living room can be located in the southeast corner. Although, for a living room, the north direction is more helpful.

Vastu: East faced living Room

2. Puja Room in Living Room According to Vastu

According to Hindu Tradition and Vastu Shastra, If you wish to build a tiny Puja or a prayer room in a living room, the North-East is the best place because god resides there. In Nepal, maximum population is Hindu, so this is the best practice in Nepal.

Puja Room Vastu


3. Entrance of living Room According To Vastu

According to Vastu Experts, having the living room entrance in the East or North provides prosperity, good health, and overall progress. Generally, south, north-east, or south-east entry indicates success. The entrance from the north-west encourages growth in life. South entrance is deemed to be unlucky in Vastu Shastra. Whereas, in case of scholars, they prefer west entrance in living room.

Entrance Vastu

4. Placement of Furniture Items In Living Room

There is a belief in Hindus, to keep all internal furniture, articles, and heavy items on the west or south side of the room. So that, eastern and northern part of room is open. In Nepal, these directions are belief to be direction of god. As, sun rises from east and mountains are in north sides and both sun and mountains are believed as god in Nepal.

Furniture Vastu

5. Authority of head of Family

The head of household should sit in west and south direction facing East or North in Living room. So that, he remains in command and guests are unable to overpower him. This ensures authority of head of family in his house.

6. Placement of Electrical Appliance According to Vastu

Placing electrical appliances like television, laptops, radio in the south-east corner of the room ensures its durability. Family spend their valuable time watching television. Hence, it is better to place it in south-east direction for positive and quality time in family.

7. Placement of Phone, Air coolers and air conditioners  

According to Vastu Shastra it is better to keep your phone in the East, South East. However, Air coolers and air conditioners should be placed in the west, north-west, or east, but never in the south-east.

8. Placement of God Pictures or Portraits 

According to Vastu Shastra, God’s pictures and portraits should be placed In the North-East wall or corner. Any portrait representing bad energy, such as violence, crime, or weeping, should be avoided in living room.

9. Colors In Living Room According To Vastu

Generally, We use vibrant color in living room as it is the place where we entertain ourselves, converse and have party’s. So, painting the living room walls white, bright yellow, blue, or green is a wise thing to do. It follows vastu elements too. Using red and black color should be avoided as it induce negative vibes in the living room.

living Room Color vastu

10. Placement of Flowers in Living Room

It is best to keep the living area’s north-east corner clean and empty. In this section, we should keep some healthy plants. However, artificial flowers, dried flowers, and cactus or bonsai plants should never be kept as it gives negative vibes according to vastu.


These are some Vastu Tips for Living Room as suggested by Astrology. Vastu Shastra are in practice these days, highly preferred in places where Hindu resides. In fact, people have advocated positive remarks on the vastu and put their experience in different platforms. Since, it is a science, we have various evidence on the results; that too, positive one.

Have you ever tried vastu in our house? If not, try once and put review on our comment box if you have any? And don’t forget to share on your socials if you like the blog.

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