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Top 5 Interior Designs Trends 2021

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2020 was a tough year for every one of us. All of us were kind of trapped in our homes due to Covid-19 virus. From making dalgona coffee to binge-watching your favorite series, you have spent the whole year in your home. You might be tired staring at the walls of your room and looking for ways to freshen up your space. Therefore, this is the perfect time to change your home interior designs. However, are you lost in the vast range of designs and layouts from the internet? If yes, worry not because we have listed top 5 interior designs that is trending in 2021.

Rounded Furniture

Forget about geometric lines, sharp edges or sleeks, 2021 is all about soft, curvy lines. From curvy sofas to circular swivel chairs, they will look amazing in your room. Rounded furniture are top home interior designs trend in 2021. These rounded furniture will bring luxe and comfy style into your home. Also, don’t forget to add a circular rug into the mix to complement the curves of your furniture.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Décor

Nowadays, people are becoming more environment conscious. They are manifesting sustainable and eco-friendly design in home interiors itself. Therefore, you can to use less plastic and stick with materials that have a lower carbon footprint. Start by buying second-hand furniture and décor items. Also, in case you are re-painting your room, choose paints and finishes with extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Don’t forget to bring a few plants inside. They never fails to bring positive vibes.

Light Colored Woods

Every woods have different base shade. For example, teak and mahogany are typically dark woods.  While maple and rubber wood are lighter in color. Light-colored hardwood have exceptional hardness, density and scratch resistance. In addition to this, they can be turned into a number of styles and settings. They provide an uplifting sense of light and airy calmness. Thus, this year, a distinct feature of Scandinavian design definitely makes it to the list.

Retro Elements from 80s

Trends and styles are forever changing and evolving. ’80s design elements are back in 2021. Add neon lights and bright colors to your room to bring life to it. If bold and neon isn’t your thing, how about pastel? Paint a wall with a soft blush color, then add pastel blue pillows to embrace the whimsical side of the 1980s. Metallic lights are also popular. Don’t forget some Chunky furniture.  They’re not only visually interesting but super comfortable as well.

The Grandmillenial Style

Grandmillenial style was born when people got tired of usual design and patterns. This interior designs trend is considered to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated were by mainstream culture were adopted by this style. You can expect to find a host of vintage pieces in a grandmillenial’s home. If you are a person who like to ‘collect’ things from the past, then this is perfect for you. You can include many seemingly-archaic elements that are part of your personal collection. Some examples can be your exhaustive collection of blue and white China or a bunch of crocheted pillow covers.

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