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Sarvottam Steel in Operation from Bhaisakh

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The pioneer in the production of construction materials, Saurav Group will start the production of Sarvottam steel from Bhaisakh. The industry for the steel production is all set at Parwanipur-Dryport road, Bara. The industry aims to produce steel billets, the raw material for rod production. At present, Nepal imports steel billets from India to manufacture the rod.

About the Industry

Sarvottam Steel will produce 300,000 metric tons of steel billets and 100,000 tons of bars annually. According to the chairman, Bishnu Neupane, sales of billet will start from the first week of Bhaisakh whereas sales of rod will start from the last week. Sarvottam Steel has become the largest steel billets industry in the country. Earlier, only few industries were manufacturing billets in small quantities.

With the investment of rupees 6.5 billion, the industry covers an area of 16 bighas. The industry needs 42 MW of electricity to come into operation. Therefore, 33 KV substation has been constructed in front of the Regional Agricultural Research Center in Parwanipur. The line is hence drawn from there to the industry. Currently, placement of various machines with new technology are undergoing in the industry.

Sarvottam steel was set to come in operation last Bhaisakh. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, it was pushed back a year. As the COVID-19 cases are decreasing, the industry is all set to come in market next month.  

Benefits Of Billet Production In The Country

The industry will provide numerous employment opportunities to the people. Not only this, the industry aims to replace 25 percent of steel billets imported from India. Also, the price of these billet is relatively high. When Nepal produces its own billet, the capital stays in the country.

Before when the price of billets fluctuates in India, its impact could be seen in Nepal too. However, after the commencement of billet production in the country, price fluctuation will not be the problem. In addition to this, the industry will also consume both man power and electricity. This creates lots of investment and employment opportunities to the people.

The Saurav Group is a popular name in the industrial and production sector of Nepal. They have invested in cement. Steel, tea, spinning mills, synthetic industries, watches etc. Lakshmi Steel, another company of this group has been producing 60,000 metric tons of billets annually.

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