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7 Common Construction Mistakes While Construction House

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Everyone dreams of building their own home. If you are constructing a house, it is indeed an exciting experience for you and your family. Building your dream house is an achievement in itself. Also, one does an intensive planning to make their dream come true. They make a list of architects and contractors and estimates a required budget for the construction. Though we make necessary plans on what we want, sometimes we forget about what we don’t want. For example, how will you manage the room if the family members increases? What if your lifestyle changes? Remember that incomplete and immature planning can have catastrophic consequences in the future. However, if you learn about strategic planning and possible mistakes, you don’t need to worry much. We have here the list of 7 construction mistakes in Nepal that can happen while building your dream house. Hope the read is worthwhile.

1. Construction Mistakes Having No Extra Budget

The architect and contractor estimates the total budget. However, you should be prepared for the unforeseen budget fluctuations. It is very important that you have some extra budget. Remember about the longer working hours, higher wages, and higher prices for construction materials in the market. Thus, you don’t need to worry about these problems when you have the additional budget. We advise you to keep an additional 10% of the budget ready while determining the costs. This particular house construction mistake is not in our control. However, we can cope with it if we are prepared earlier.

House construction budget

2. Short Term Plan With No Idea For Future

Do you want to spend a long time in the house you have built? If you are a newly married couple, you definitely want to have children and raise them in that home. Or you may want to spend a long time in the house you have built? Your lifestyle will change after some period of time. However, your home should be able to addresses the changes and needs of people of all age groups. Have you considered it, if not you are making House Construction mistakes.

Remember that it doesn’t matter how long have you spent in that home. What matters is the value you get for your home while selling it. People consider the location of the house, the quality of construction materials and its age among other factors. Therefore, make sure to use good quality construction materials with strong foundation. This will help you gain some profit when you sell the home.

Remedy: Future house construction plan

3. Construction Mistakes Of Following The Plan Without Specializing It

An architect prepares your house plan (map / floor plan). They plan it based on the area of ​​your land. But it is also important to prioritize your needs. Though it is good to follow the latest trends, make sure that the plan fits your needs and budget. Thus, we advise you to review the plan once it is complete. After you are fully satisfied, you can then begin the construction process as per the plan. This will help you counter most common house construction mistakes.

4. Construction Mistakes Of Unbalanced Management Of Space

Having a big house doesn’t mean that the space is wide, and having a small house doesn’t mean that the space is narrow. The size of the space depends upon how you use the area. You should plan the number and size of rooms according to the number and needs of your family members.

Make sure to mention this information on the plan. The number and size of the bedroom, the size of the furniture in the living room and the direction in which the windows and doors should be placed, etc. Instead of changing the plans after all the work is done, you can save money and time by making corrections in the map itself. Also, with proper planning and proper use of available space, your home will look organized and attractive.

House Construction: Space managed

5. Ignoring Government Standards And Laws

The construction of the house will run smooth when all the criteria are met and all the required documents are available. To get a permission and sanction from the government is often a hassle. It costs both time and money. But when you build a house without maintain proper law, you will not get the certificate of completion of the building when the construction work is complete. This will create a huge problem while selling the property. This is the most common construction mistakes that we make in Nepal.

6. Collaborate With The Wrong And Cheap Contractor

A contractor is the one that you have to work with from the start to the end of the construction. You are taking a big risk by handing over the construction of your dream house to a stranger. So, make sure you choose a trusted contractor. Otherwise, you may regret your decision all your life. Also, it is wise to study and research the structures they have built before.

7. Not Involving While Purchasing Construction Materials

Make sure you have a direct participation in every stage of the construction work. Don’t leave all the decision to the contractor. With the help of contractor, make a decision to purchase construction materials. Due to this, there won’t be misuse of your money as well as no compromise on quality as well. Also, your house can become better and stronger.

As you build a house once in a lifetime, you don’t want to make mistakes that you regret later. Therefore, when planning and engaging in construction work, pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects.

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