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Common Construction Terms You Should Know

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Every sector has its own wide range of terms and acronyms. In the same way, the construction industry has many specific terms of its own. At first, you may be confused as there are thousands of jargon and terms. However, we have listed some common construction terms that will help you get to work on your construction project.


It is a particulate material which is a combination of different minerals and rocks. In fact, The most common aggregate used in the building industry is a combination of sand or crushed stone used in a concrete mix.

Back filling

Backfilling is a crucial part of the construction process. Just like the name sounds, backfilling is the process of refilling after excavation, when the soil is compact back into holes and trenches. The purpose of backfilling is to help provide greater protection to the foundation of any structure, whether it is a building, walkway, or roadway.


A beam – also known as a lintel – is a horizontal structure of iron that runs along the main walls at the ceiling level. It provides decisive support to the structure and maintains structural integrity.


Caulk or caulking is the name of the material that is used to seal joints, seams, or leakages in various structures (mostly piping).


Cement is a widely known and used element in the construction industry. It is a binder used in combination with aggregates that sets [or hardens] other materials together, such as bricks and beams.


A contractor; also commonly named construction contractor is an inclusive term used to define a person or organization appointed by plot-owners in order to carry out construction projects.


It is mostly applicable in the planning phase of a structure and refers to the measurement of length, width, depth, and height. It is basically a numerical value which indicates between two points to define the size of an object.


Ducts can include pipes, tubes, or passageways in a building used to carry air throughout the structure. The main purpose of ducts is to provide better ventilation in a house or apartment.


The word egress means an alternate way of exiting a structure, and it is different from the main entrance. Moreover, it is usually a small window/door in certain parts of a home only in emergency situations.

Floor Plan

It is basically a layout or sketch of a home that shows the anticipated layout of a home or office.


A foundation is the lowest part of a building, even below the ground floor. The main purpose of the foundation is to act as a load-bearing feature and prevent the building from collapsing.


A girder is a large beam and compound structure made of metal. Hence, it provides parallel support to small beams and, can be used in bridges and large buildings.


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and, air-conditioning systems, mostly used in commercial and industrial setups including offices, shopping malls, commercial plazas, and shopping complexes. In addition, it must be used to meet the environmental requirements of a structure and ensure the comfort of occupants or visitors.


Insulation is placed within walls, ceilings, or floors of a building to provide resistance from external weather and make your house energy efficient. Hence, it regulates the flow of heat and lowers the heating and cooling expenses.


Joist is the linking or joining point between the surfaces of two components. So, it is normally settled horizontally to support a floor or ceiling.

Load-bearing wall

A load-bearing wall is also known as a partition in the construction lingo. These types of walls play a vital role in carrying the weight of a structure.


It is an adhesive made up of asphalt, pitch, or clay and binds slabs, stones, and bricks during a construction process.

Particle board

A particle board is widely used as a substitute for plywood in the construction lingo. It is composed of a mixture of sawdust and resin.


Composed by compressing multiple layers of veneer, so it is an extremely versatile product used for different applications.

PVC pipe

Since, PVC pipe is a standard form used of polyvinyl chloride pipe, it is commonly used in the plumbing systems.

Ready mix concrete

Ready mix concrete (RMC) is a prepared concrete mixture composed of aggregates and cement. Therefore, it only requires water to bind, and it triples the speed of a construction project.


A section is more or less like a floor plan. Nonetheless, the only difference between the two is that sections are drawings that show the vertical model of a building and its layers from top to bottom.


In brief, shuttering is a temporary structure made from wood planks.

Construction site

A construction site – alternatively known as a building site in the construction lingo – is a piece of vacant land where the construction is taking place.


Skirting is a material that covers up the joist in the interior of a building. Moreover, it is mostly used for aesthetic purposes.


Stucco is a fine plaster used to coat different surfaces [walls and ceilings] and also for making architectural decorations. So, it is composed of aggregates, binders, and water.


Tender is a process where government institutions invite bids to construct large projects such as highways, dams, or other structures of significant importance.


In brief, Trim is used to provide a clean finish or cut down something superfluous or dispensable around windows and door openings.


A veneer is an extremely thin sheet of wood made from high-quality wood. It is mostly used as a decorative cover for low-quality wood.


Warping is a distortion of material indicating the risks of water damage.


Government regulation which decides how areas or districts of property can be used.

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