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Why do light bulbs burn faster?

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Light bulbs are one of the most essential thing for survival in today’s world. It not only has the purpose to keep your house lit at night, but it has become a thing for decoration. However, light bulbs can’t keep on burning forever. A light bulb effectively works for around 5-6 months, depending upon your usage. There are different kinds of light bulbs available with different lifespan. For example, an incandescent bulb’s average lifespan is only 900-1000 hours. Even so there are chances of them fusing out early without completing their lifespan. Here is the list of reasons why light bulbs keep burning out quickly with the possible solutions for it.

Bulb Wattage Mismatched With the Light Fixture

You may not know this but light fixtures also comes with a maximum wattage rating. If you use a larger bulb than the fixture, it can lead to an unexpected fire or short circuit. When the rating exceeds, it can cause overheating, which leads to light bulb failure or fused light bulbs. Therefore, whenever you are buying the light fixture, check out the number of watts it can hold. Make sure to choose an appropriate bulb that suits the rating. Also, you should not swap the light bulbs between the rooms. As you may have a 60 watt bulb in the living room and 100 watt bulb in your bedroom, interchanging the bulbs will not work in either rooms.

Poor Quality Light Bulbs

If you are trying to save your money by buying cheap bulbs, then you just will be spending more on them. One of the reasons for burning the bulbs too quickly is the use of cheap or inferior bulbs. You can invest a little more on good quality light bulbs. Also, experts recommend checking the solder connection on the bottom point of the light bulb. If the solder connection point is small and not half-mooned, the light bulb won’t be able to make good connection to the lamp socket’s center tab. This might lead to premature bulb failure.

Wrong Bulb

Though it is cheaper than other bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs does not have longer lifespan. Therefore, make sure to select the right kind of bulb for your home. LED bulbs are not only long-lasting and energy efficient, but they also don’t contain mercury like fluorescent bulbs.

Depressed Socket Tab

If you have noticed, you can see the small metal tab at the bottom of a light bulb socket. It is the connection that delivers electrical current to the light bulb. When it gets pushed down too far, it will fail to make any connection with the bulb. To fix this problem, you can simply use an old ice cream stick to bend the tab up about 1/8 inch. However, this kind of repair work may not be possible with old bulb sockets. In this case, it is best to replace the entire socket or the bulb fixture.

High Voltage

Line voltage exceeding the normal range can be another reason for your light bulbs to burn out quickly. The standard household circuits is120 volts. However, the voltage can fluctuate between 110-125 volts, which is acceptable. If the voltage exceeds 125 volts, it can burn out the light bulbs faster. Therefore, you should regularly check the line voltage. When the voltage reads 130-135 volts, call for expert help immediately.

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