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Fix Your Squeaky Doors and Creaking Floors

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Does your door make squeaky and annoying sound that makes your head cringe? Sometimes these squeaky wooden floorboards and creaky door hinges prevents you from raiding your refrigerator after midnight in secret. And that’s quite infuriating, right? If you are trying to stop the noise, it’s important to identify exactly where the squeak is coming from. Then, you can apply various repair methods depending on the cause. To make it easier for you, here are the list of smart ways to quickly fix squeaky doors and creaking floors in your home.

How to Fix a Squeaky Door

One of the main reason why your door makes the noise that are best suited for horror movies is due to the low level of lubrication between the door. Here are the list of few ways to reduce friction between the moving parts of hinges. These tips will help you to open your doors quietly.

Lubricate It

To stop the annoying squeaks, put a few drops of oil into the noisy hinge. Lubricating oil is the best for these types of work. However, if you don’t have one, vegetable oil and olive oil can be a good substitute. This not a permanent solution. You have to apply the oil time and again. People also use petroleum jelly and dishwashing liquid for the same purpose.

Coat it with Paraffin Wax

Before beginning the process, you need to take out the hinge of the door carefully. Then, melt the paraffin candles into wax by using a stove or microwave. You should dip the hinge pins into the melted wax. Before taking them out, make sure they are coated evenly. Let the wax cool before you place the pins back into the hinge. You can test the door and redo if the squeak is still there. Also, you don’t need to wipe off the excess once the squeak is fixed.

Clean the Hinge

Rusty or dusty hinges can also result in squeaky doors. You can simply take out the hinge pins and rub them with steel wool. This will remove the rust and dust accumulated on them. Don’t forget to coat the pin with a lubricant before you fit it back since it can smoothen the functioning of the hinge even further.

How to Fix a Squeaky Floor

Repairing creaking floor is not as easy as oiling a hinge. However, before calling for a professional help, you can try these simple hacks to fix it.

Prevent Friction

If your wooden flooring is creaking often, it might be due to the friction between the boards. Mostly talcum powder and corn flour is used to avoid these frictions. You can simply pour a powdery substance onto the floorboards and sweep it into the cracks. You will have to redo the process after you mop the floor. Also, don’t forget to remove the carpet.

Fix the Gaps from Below

If you have a hardwood flooring, then the creaks might be due to the sagging of the boards. You should be able to access the underside of the floor for this. To avoid sagging, you can fit a slim piece of wood into the gap between the boards. Make sure to not use force or a hammer as that can change the level of the floorboards above. You might want to call for the professional help for this one if you want the best results.

Stop the Creaking From Above

For this, you need a hammer and lots of nails. At first, determine which board is creaking and where the support beams are. To close up the gap between the wooden surfaces, drive a long nail straight to the beam through the floor. However, if there is no beam underneath, you will have to rely on fixing it from below with a plank to support the wooden floorboards.

It’s time to get to work as you now know how to fix squeaky doors and creaking floors around the house. While you are on the roll, why not check out more blog like this. Click here

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