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Hidden Home Renovation Costs

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Buying a house or building one for your family is one of the most important decision you make in your life. Finding the right house in an affordable price or building the house is a tiresome task. However, if you are thinking that all the work ends after this, you might want to take a seat. Buying a home is difficult but maintaining the home is an even more difficult task. You will have to save some extra energy for renovating your home time and again. Home renovation is important not only because it improves your home’s function, but it also increases your home value. If you are planning for your home renovation, here are the list of few hidden home renovation costs that will help you to plan your budget.

Surprise Structural Changes

When you are renovating your home, sometimes you might have to make some changes on the structure of your home. You might want to remove a beam you thought was strong, turns out not. Or bring down the wall to have some open space. These kinds of demolition will add up to your budget. Unplanned structural changes will bloat your budget by 10 to 15 percent. Therefore, be ready for such structural changes. Make sure you do some detailed planning before you start renovating your home to avoid over spending your budget.

Pest Control

While you are removing a wall or moving your heavy furniture to a different side of the room, you might be surprised to find pests and termites living with you. You might even encounter some rats and cockroaches too. Therefore, you will require help from professional fumigation services. Also, these pests might have destroyed your furniture. The cost of fixing those furnitures will add up to your budget as well.

Moving Out

If you are renovating your bedroom or your kitchen, then you will have to move out. In case, you don’t have a vacant room in the house where you can shift, you might have to book a room in a hotel. The renovation may require 3-4 days to complete. Therefore, don’t forget to allocate a few thousands for the hotel costs as well.

Higher Utility Bills

Your electricity bills will slightly be higher than usual if you are renovating your house. The equipment like drill machine, water pumping machine, floor sander runs on electricity. Though electricity will not be a primary concern, don’t be surprised if your electricity bill go up at the end of the month.

Time Costs

You may think that you can complete your task at office while the contactor works to renovate your home. No matter how much you plan, there are going to be problems that you need to personally address. Also, you will have to make frequent trips to hardware shops. Therefore, you will have to take leave from your office for some day. If your work schedule gets disturb, your salary might be deducted and that will take a toll on your overall budget too.

Not Built Up-To-The-Mark

Sometimes the contractor you hired may not work according to your expectations. If the renovation does not match the standard, then you might face a lot of problems. You would not be able to gauge the remodeling cost involved in the project. The wiring and plumbing systems of a room also consume most of the allocated budget. Therefore, make sure to hire a trusted contactor before you start.


Even after your project is completed, you may be looking at additional costs. No matter how careful you or your contractors are, it’s certain that there will be few things that will still be left out. For example, your lawn is going to need an overhaul after construction is complete. So, be ready for a little hard work.

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