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Work from Home, Creation of Workable Environment in your Home.

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Working from 9-5 to working from your own home in your comfort zone is the evolutionary employment scenario these days. The word “freelance” has been buzzing around so much that every Tom, Dick and Harry has freelancer mentioned in their bio. In an obvious case, who wouldn’t want to work from where they actually reside.

Having a set of table and chair or even your bed to work on is fine. But if you want to amp up your productivity level, use these ideas to create a space where it will really feel like you are in an environment better than the cubical you refused to be confined in.

Surround yourself with Indoor Plants.

For a clean feel, use white and wooden combo.

Brass induced furniture for that aesthetic pleasure.

Add a sofa or two for that comfyness.

Use bold colours.

Create a space for your colleague.

Table Lamps, Antelopes; you want it, place it.

For the organizer freak out there.

All white look and feel.

Create a Calender on your wall.

If you like these ideas, do feel free to share it among your Freelancer friends 😉

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