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Wave Pool under construction at Fun Park in Jhapa

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Nepal is one of the top destination for tourists. Every year many tourists, both domestic and international visit different part of the country to enjoy beautiful natural scenarios. However, when it comes to fun parks, there are only few. The ones that are in the country to have limited space and there are not many games to play. Nevertheless, as fun parks attracts thousands of tourists, investors are eager to invest in one. Happy Land Fun Park in Jhapa is currently under construction. Also, a wave pool is being built there, where people can enjoy artificial sea waves.

As a landlocked country, Nepal is not connected to any sea or ocean. Therefore, people go to foreign countries to enjoy the beauty of sea and ocean. However, people don’t have to go abroad as they can soon enjoy tidal wave in Nepal. With the investment of Saakha Group, a wave pool is coming to Nepal for the first time.  According to Kiran Saakha, manager of Saakha Group, 500 people will be able to sit on the pool at a time and enjoy themselves. In fact, for the construction of the park, they have invested about 340 million rupees. The additional structures require 100 million more, said Mr. Saakha.

Other Attractions

The fun park lies at Surunga, 7 km west of Birtamod in Jhapa. The total land of the park is around five bighas. Moreover, adventurous sport like zip line has already been in operation there. The zipline is designed to land at 20 feet from a 40-foot tower. The park also has thrilling rides such as Colombus. In fact, people can even take pictures in a tower that resembles one in England. The park also has a separate place for people to sing and dance.

To extend the stay of tourists, the management team is bringing a star level resort to the park. In the first phase, they will build about 20 rooms for the resort. The targeted audience for this park are domestic and Indian tourists.  

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