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Things To Be Careful During “Home Isolation”

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According to the latest statistics, more than 50,000 corona infected are in home isolation across the country. However, not taking precautions at such times increases the risk to the infected person and the risk of spreading the virus to other family members.

Therefore, while living in home isolation, the infected person and other family members should pay attention to:
  • These are the main symptoms of the virus infection – fever, dry cough, and severe diarrhea. Symptoms may include muscle soreness, dry throat, diarrhea, swollen eyes, headache, loss of smell and taste, body aches, discoloration of fingers/toes.
  • If you have difficulty breathing, chest pain or difficulty speaking or walking, you should go to the hospital immediately.
  • If there is no chronic disease, it is better to stay in home isolation.
  • It is important to have the self-belief to recover from these diseases. Don’t be afraid, read articles/compositions to pass the time, write, watch entertaining movies, do light yoga and physical exercise daily.
  • If you have a chronic illness, you will be admitted to the hospital, if you stay at home, you will be under the supervision of a doctor.
  • If you have a habit of having alcohol and smoking, you should stay away from it.
  • Coronavirus is transmitting mainly through saliva and other body fluids. So, one should be careful while disposing of saliva and other body fluids.
  • When staying at home, you should drink plenty of water and soft drinks to avoid dehydration.
  • Eat nutritious food. To increase the body’s resistance to disease, you should eat vegetables and fruits according to the season. Moreover, It is better to eat fruits mixed with different vitamins as much as possible.
  • Adequate mask, sanitizer, blood oxygen testing, and temperature checking machine, various symptomatic drugs (mainly paracetamol, cetirizine, and cough suppressant) should be kept at home in isolation.
  • Infected people should change their mask daily.
  • It is very compulsory to know when and how to use drugs and machines. It is best to check your body temperature and oxygen levels every 6-12 hours.
  • You should stay in a separate room at home without contacting other families as much as possible.
  • Infected taps, toilets, bathrooms, used handkerchiefs, clothes, living rooms, etc should not be used by other people in the home.
  • When giving food and water to the infected, they should be kept in a separate place without contact with them.
  • Infected person should wash his utensils himself/herself. All other family members should use masks and sanitizers.
  • When talking to the infected person, use mobile, Wi-Fi as much as possible. While speaking directly, both of them should wear a mask and should sit 2 meters away.
  • After using the toilet, add plenty of water and wash the commode, basin and used items.
  • After using the toilet or bathroom, the sanitizer should be sprayed on all the items including taps, flush, spray, door knockers touched by the infected.
  • Infected people should use a mask and hand sanitizer before going to the toilet.
  • Infected person should wash infected clothes, sheets, and quilts separately.

Taking precautions can prevent other family members from the coronavirus. Hope this blog is informative for you. Don’t forget to comment and share on your socials.

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