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Everything You Need to Know About Stratified Market

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In our previous blog, we discussed about buyers’ and sellers’ market. The link to the blog is mentioned below:

However, other than buyers’ and sellers’ market, there is another market that you should know about. It is a stratified market. This blog provides detailed information about stratified market.

What is a Stratified Market?

Stratified market is the mix of buyers’ and seller’s market. Here, the supply and demand characteristics differ by price even in same area. For example, the property above 2 crore may be in sellers’ market while the property below 2 crore may be in buyers’ market despite being in same area. The cost of the homes plays an important role in this market. This is because the property are trading or selling very rapidly in two different price areas. Also, no matter you are selling or buying the property, it is important for you to know in which category you fall in the said market.


Tips for Buyers in Stratified Market

  • As said earlier, no matter if you are buyer or seller, you should know about the value of the home you want to buy or sell.
  • Focus on the area you want to buy the property. Study about the home types and sizes that are available and know about the prices they are offering.
  • Before going on offer strategy and price, make sure to compare the properties with other in the relevant neighborhoods.

Tips for Sellers in Stratified Market

  • As a seller, you’ll want to look at what segment of the market your home falls in. This helps you to know about the perfect price of your home.  
  • Check the prices of homes that are similar in location, size and condition with your home. Then determine the price accordingly.
  • Understand the patterns and trends of your current real estate market. This helps you to come up with the best marketing strategy for your home. Also, you sell your home at the top of its value.

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