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List of Mapping Services and Fees in Nepal

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The Department of Surveying and Mapping prepares various types of maps and fulfills the requirements of the government for measuring maps. According to the department, the map is also a basis for effective planning and management of all types of development works. The Department of Surveying and Mapping was established in 2014 BS. Since its establishment, the department has been working towards the purpose and objective of land revenue collection. Now, there are survey department in all 77 districts of the country. This article is about the different types of mapping services and fees provided by The Department of Surveying and Mapping.

A man sketching a map

Services provided by the Department of Surveying

Landscaping and Land Use Management Division

Sales of Various Types of Mapping services
S. NoNature of service / product detailsFees / Charges
 1.Topo map (1: 50,000)Rs. 150 per sheet
 2.Map of Nepal (1: 500,000) (published in three sheets)Rs. 50 per sheet
 3.Map of Nepal (1: 100,000,000)Rs. 50 per sheet
 4.Map of Nepal (1: 200,000,000)Rs. 15 per sheet
 5.Zonal map (1: 250,000)Rs. 50 per sheet
 6.District map (1: 125,000)Rs. 50 per sheet
 7.Development Area Map (1: 500,000)Rs. 50 per sheet
 8.Land Capability Map (1: 50,000)Rs. 40 per sheet
 9.Land system map (1: 50,000)Rs. 40 per sheet
 10.Land Utilization Map (1: 50,000)Rs. 40 per sheet
 11.Geological map (1: 125,000)Rs. 40 per sheet
 12.Physiographical Map of Nepal (1: 20,00,000)Rs. 15 per sheet
Map Photocopy
 Map PhotocopyRs. 50 per sheet
Aerial Photo Scan
 Scanned aerial photo (23 * 23 cm)Rs. 350 per sheet

Geographical Information Infrastructure Division

1. Softcopy products to available
S.NoNature of service / product detailsFees / Charges
1.1 Digital Topographical Database 1: 25,000 / 1: 50,000 scalesRs. 1000.- per seat
1.2Digital Topographical Database 1: 1,00,000, 1: 250,000, 1: 5,00,000 scalesRs. 1000.- per seat
1.3Layer wise 
 Administrative BoundaryRs. 100 per sheet
 Transportation LayerRs  200 per sheet
 BuildingRs. 60 per sheet
 Land coverRs. 300 per sheet
 HydrographyRs. 240 per sheet
 ContourRs. 240 per sheet
 Designated AreaRs. 20 per sheet
 Utility linesRs. 20 per sheet
 Seamless Data Whole Nepal (All layers)Rs. 300,000
 Building Data (Whole Nepal)Rs. 15,000
 Contour (Whole Nepal)Rs. 65,000
 Transportation (Whole Nepal)Rs. 60,000
 Hydrography (Whole Nepal)Rs. 70,000
 Land cover (Whole Nepal)Rs. 87,000
 Utility lines (Whole Nepal)Rs. 2,000
 Designated Area (Whole Nepal)Rs. 1,000
 Ruler Municipalities (all Layers)Rs. 1,000 per village municipality
 Metropolitan City / Sub Metropolitan City (all Layers)Rs. 2,000 / – per metropolitan, sub-metropolitan, municipality
1.5Orth Photo Image 
 1:5,000 scaleRs. 3125 per sheet
 1: 10,000 scaleRs. 5000 per sheet
1.6Topographic Image data 1: 25,000 & 1: 50,000Rs. 180 per sheet
1.7Soter Digital Soil and Terrain data of Nepal version-1, 2004Rs. 2000 (whole Nepal)
1.8The population and socioeconomic Atlas of Nepal CD ROMRs. 250
1.9District Digital Data 1: 1,00,000 on a scaleRs. 2000 / – per district
2. Hardcopy products available
2.1Orthophoto 1: 5,000 / 1: 10,000Rs.1000 per seat
2.2Socio Economic Atlas of Nepal 2001 & 2011Rs. 2500 (within Nepal) $ 200  (outside Nepal)
2.3Index of Geographical Names of Nepal Vol I to V.Rs.600 / – per Volume
2.4District / Gaun Palika / Nagar Palika (A4 size)Rs. 5 / – per map
2.5District Map of  1:1,00,000 scaleRs.1000 / – per district

Astronomy and Surveying Division

S.NoNature of service / product detailsFees / Charges
 1. Geodetic point control point sale 
 First OrderRs. 3000
 Second OrderRs. 2500
 Third OrderRs. 1500
 Fourth OrderRs. 250
 2. Level Point control point sale 
 First OrderRs. 1000
 Second OrderRs. 1000
 Third OrderRs. 250
 3. Gravity Value control point sale 
 Gravity ValueRs. 1000
 4. Equipment rentalPrice as per rules

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