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20 Small House Designs You Will Fall In Love With!

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Nowadays, people love to live in a small house, and owning it has a lot of benefits. Consequently, there is plenty of small house designs that prevailed in the market these days. Some of the benefits we can get from these designs are effortless cleaning, less budget, remodeling, and cost-effective decoration, etc.

Moreover, living in a small space can be great, if space is functional enough. Nowadays, small and container houses are in trend due to its efficiency and cheapness. In fact, we neither have to worry about expensive decorating costs nor cleaning extra spaces.

Therefore, a small house gives you a chance to spent more time with your family.

Besides, this small house design looks so fancy and attractive comparing big houses. In the meantime, a small house design can look unique in your area with different impeccable designs available.

In fact, we can even plan space outside for the garden by building a house in a small space. Referring to the context of Nepal, small houses i.e 1, 2,3 storied; are very safe from an earthquake.

Moreover, a small house looks really adorable if we choose the right exterior for it. Similarly, a small house looks cozy and intimate.

Here are 20 popular small house designs:


This small house exterior design looks beautiful because of its wide wooden door and fancy glass windows. In fact, its perfect curves with a beautiful design add more spices in its design. Moreover, the grey tile underneath the curves looks adorable with this design.

This modern small house design is on box style which looks beautiful with its L-shaped construction. Furthermore, It’s slightly slanted roof has made this design more perfect.


This beautiful small house design is a combination of the classical and modern houses which looks so pretty with its entry space with its curve shape.


This wooden house with lots of glass windows looks like a small classical farmhouse with modern design. In fact, Rusted wood’s wall on the right side of this design gives natural vibes that look so great with this design.


This small house design has a modern design look with its classical roof. This beautiful small house design looks adorable with its three clear sections. Moreover, glass windows in the middle section are enhancing their looks.


This small house design has lots of open space in front which looks so cozy with its design. In fact, its slanted roof and perfect window glass have made this design more beautiful.


This small house design gives modern vibes that look beautiful with its grey wall. Similarly, stairs toward the house are so fancy that they have enhanced the looks of the house.


This house has classical looks that seem perfect with its deep slanted roof. hence, It looks so fancy with its design.


This design is just wow and it looks so perfect with its big glass windows. Furthermore, the lower stone wall gives classical looks with modern design.


This small house design looks amazing and eye-pleasant with its grey roof and white walls. In fact, The windows underneath the roof have added more beauty in this design. Similarly, the balcony on the left-side looks amazing.


This small house design has a slanted and brown roof which looks pretty. At the same time, grey lines on its wall have given a great outlook display. Furthermore, its door and windows look adorable which adds a modern touch with this classic design.


This small house design has a modern touch with a unique roofing. Similarly, the design of this house is so unique and beautiful. Moreover, Its balcony has made this space so cozy and comfortable.


This great design with a glass wall has a modern touch. Furthermore, its railing has a unique design with half wood and half grid-iron.


This unique small house design looks so sophisticated on its look. Its structural design is just amazing with unique chimney design on the left side. Moreover, its glass windows look fancy with its Neo-classical looks.


This design is really fantastic with its classical look. Similarly, the design of the roof and window on it is really fascinating. Moreover, the glass window on the first floor has made this design more cozy and fancy.


This exterior is really amazing with its modern looks. It gives beach house vibes. Moreover, the exterior space outside the house is very cozy and fascinating.


The double opposite v -shape has made this design more perfect .Glass wall of the front wall looks so nice.


This small house design has a modern touch with a beautiful roof. Moreover, the Glass wall on the front side looks amazing.


This design have classical design and look like royal palace due to its awesome design.


This design is so amazing which has a pool. Its roof has a unique design that looks perfect. Moreover, the outdoor place looks so cozy and fancy in this design.

In conclusion, these are the 20 beautiful small house designs. They are really amazing and eye-catching. Hope you like this design. Please mention which design you like most.

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