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5 Important Tips for Sustainable Living

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The problem of climate change and global warming is now inevitable. The urban settlements have turned into concrete jungle. The use of plastics and its non-biodegradable nature has made the case worse. However, it’s never too late to minimize our carbon footprint on the planet. People are becoming more aware, and they are moving towards sustainable living. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, you can also adopt sustainable home design ideas. Wondering how? Here is the list of ideas you can follow to set up your very own environment-friendly home.

Sustainable House Materials

If you are planning to construct a house, then start with sourcing the raw material with minimal environmental impact. You can use the raw materials from your local area. This will not only reduce transportation cost, but you are helping the mother earth as well. Also, remember that there is option for use of recycled construction material like recycled steel, reclaimed wood, and bricks.

Water Management & Landscaping

Managing the usage of water in your home is a great way of sustainable living. In case of a newly built home, you can construct a rain water harvesting system. This will help you to make full use of rain water. You can also collect water while washing clothes or bathing and use that water to flush in toilet. This make look like a simple task, but you are doing a great work for the environment. Dual flush toilets and low-flow taps and faucets reduce water consumption. In addition to this, gardens and landscaping can help improve the energy-efficiency of the home. A terrace garden helps to keep the floor below cooler.

Renewable Energy

Solar power is an alternative to electricity. It is also cheaper than other sources of energy in a long run. When you use solar energy, no greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere. Another advantage of solar energy is that no matter how much you use it, it never ends. Thus, solar power is a very important energy source in the move to clean energy production.

Energy-efficient Appliances

You can switch to LED bulbs as they are long-lasting and doesn’t need frequent replacements. If you have a building under construction, make sure to install energy efficient fixtures. They even help you to spend less on the electricity bills. Also, while buying different appliances, makes sure to go for energy star rating. This is one of the simple yet effective way to go for sustainable living.

Go Reusable

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Thus, you can start by making small changes in your lifestyle. Use reusable canvas/fabric shopping bags instead of plastic bags. Instead of using Styrofoam cups, use stainless steel or glassware utensils to store your food and beverages. Avoid using plastic straws while going to restaurants and cafés. You can have creative time with your children by making various DIY crafts. Also, there are hundreds of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle you can find online.

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