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Why Do We Need Green Spaces In Our Cities?

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If we look closely, our city areas has become concrete jungle. All the spaces are covered by buildings and skyscrapers. We can only see limited greenery around. Due to urbanization, even the fertile land has been turned into housing colonies. However, this creates negative impact in our environment. We can already see fatalistic changes in the climate. The professionals also emphasizes on the need for cleaner and greener spaces in the city. The green spaces are important in today’s cities with unsustainable development as they have positive effects on biodiversity, climate, wellness and air quality. Therefore, this article highlights the need for green spaces and its positive impacts in cities like Kathmandu.

Cooler City In Summer

The temperature of city area is quite higher than countryside. The buildings don’t have ability to reflect the heat back in the environment. Also, the heat generated by people, transport, shops, and industry gets trapped in the city. This raises the temperature of the city areas. Higher temperatures also contribute to heat-related deaths and heat-related illnesses. It has negative effects on the elderly, young children and patients with cardiovascular diseases.  However, green space can solve this problem. Trees, shrubs and other green area helps to reduce the temperature in a city by evaporating water. For example, parks are cool spots in the city because of the effect of evaporation and shading. Also, you can even plant mosses and grasses in your roof. This helps to reduce the temperature up to 32 degrees.

Improves Water Quality

When the temperature of any place is high, it also disturbs the aquatic life of that place. As the temperature of concrete surface rise up, it raises water temperatures as well. This can dry up natural streams and lakes permanently. Also, water temperature determines metabolism and reproduction of aquatic animals. Thus, high water temperature can be fatal to aquatic life creating disturbance in ecosystem. However, with green spaces, water can infiltrate freely in the soil, be absorbed by vegetation and evaporate and supplement the groundwater. It also leads to better management of rain water. When there is more greenery around, it ensures that rainwater can be retained and stored in the place where it falls. This prevents from natural disaster like flooding.

Better Health and Well-Being

When you go for a hike, have you noticed how being around trees and greens reduce your stress? Studies have shown that being around greenery improves the overall health of an individual. Also, patients recover much faster in a green environment. The residents of green neighborhoods tend to make less use of healthcare facilities as well. For example, a city park encourages people to exercise and relax there, which will improve their health. Children will grow up more harmoniously and perform better in school if they live closer to nature.  Besides this, green spaces increase our ability to concentrate, both on the tasks at hand and on our subconsciously-viewed surroundings.

Reduces Pollution and Increases Bio-Diversity

With the increase in number of vehicles and industries, pollution is relatively higher in city areas than in rural areas. Due to this, people suffer from various respiratory and cardiovascular diseases like asthma, heart stroke etc. Nevertheless, with enough green spaces in the city, this can no longer be a problem. Trees can retain up to 5.4 metric tons of CO2 and 20 kg of dust a year. Also, they give us oxygen, and we can breathe in fresh air. Besides this, green spaces attracts lots of insects like butterflies and birds. This creates an environment in which children and adults can marvel at the rich diversity of urban biodiversity.

Boosts The Value of Houses and Offices

Housing prices are higher in a green neighborhood than the prices of comparable houses are in a neighborhood without green. Buyers are increasingly interested in homes close to gardens and parks. This is because a green environment actively contributes to the quality of life. People tend to be happy in green surroundings. Also, the presence of green plants and activities in natural surroundings contribute to safer and whole neighborhoods.

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