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Welcoming Foreign Tourists in Nepal after Covid-19 Vaccination

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It has been a year that coronavirus has prevented people to travel around the world. The world was in lockdown limiting people in their houses. Nevertheless, with the discovery of the vaccine, the world is slowly returning to the normal lifestyle. The government of Nepal has also decided to allow foreigners who have vaccinated against the coronavirus to visit the country. Previously, tourists coming to Nepal should have a 72-hour PCR report and stay in quarantine for 7 days. However, now those who have vaccinated against corona can come to the country easily.

Lately, the vaccination for the virus is available in almost all the country. Therefore, the government is planning to welcome foreigners who took the vaccination. A proposal is currently being prepared to send to the Council of Ministers. As cases of coronavirus was increasing rapidly, the government had restricted international flights. Due to the protocols and other restrictions, international tourists were not able to visit the country.

Now that the decision is pending, the total number of tourists arriving in Nepal tends to increase gradually. The tourism sector was affected extensively during the lockdown period. As the vaccination process has started in the countries such as the USA, China, India and other European countries, the government is targeting tourists from these countries. The government is also planning to facilitate arrival visa for the tourists. Many investors and entrepreneur are excited to be back in business. The severely affected tourism business will gradually rise if the number of tourists increases as before.

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