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Vaastu Tips for Mirrors: How Mirrors Play Important Role in Wealth and Happiness

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Mirrors are one of the most useful elements in our home. No matter if you are shaving your beard, or you are putting some make-ups on, mirrors are the must-have home décor piece. You may take mirrors as just an everyday object, it plays an important role in bringing positive energy to your house. According to Vaastu, mirrors have the capacity to stagnate and deteriorate energy. Also, the placement of mirrors matters when it comes to peace and happiness in the home. Remember that if you place the mirror in the wrong direction, it has negative effect in the home. Therefore, this article provides information on Vaastu tips for mirrors, placement in appropriate positions and directions.

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Vaastu Tips for Mirrors Placement in Bedrooms

It is advisable to not to place any mirrors in your bedrooms. In case you have a mirror in your bedroom, don’t let it face the bed or reflect the person on the bed. Also, don’t let it reflect the entrance of the bedroom. This is because the mirrors in bedroom tends to reflect negative energy. In addition to this, don’t add a mirror on the false ceiling. When it reflects bed and floor, this tends to increase stress. Lastly, do not place broken or rusted mirrors anywhere.

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Mirror Placement in Bathrooms

It is quite common to have mirror in bathroom in our households. However, make sure not to place it directly opposite to the toilet. You should place a mirror in a well-lit part of the bathroom. Also, you can place it on the north or eastern wall of the bathroom.

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Mirror Placement in Living Room

As living room is the center of your home, you can place mirror in there as a decorative piece. If your living rooms open up to a beautiful view with greenery around, make sure to place the mirror at an angle to reflect the outside views. You can increase the lightning in your room, if you place a mirror on the wall opposite the window on the north or east wall.

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Other Important Tips on Vaastu Mirror Position

  • If you have a mirror at the entrance of your home, it should not reflect sunlight, or it can bring negative energies.
  • Always get rid of a broken or tainted mirror to let the positive energy grow in your home.
  • Do not place two mirrors opposite to each other because it may create anger and misunderstanding among family members.
  • It is advisable to place mirrors on the West and South walls.
  • Avoid oval-shaped mirrors, instead use rectangular or square mirrors. However, in case of living room, use circular one.
  • If you have a mirror in south-east direction of your home, it may be the cause for quarrels and arguments with the family.
  • Avoid placing a mirror in the bedroom because it can cause nightmares and sleep disturbances.
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