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Types of Pipes Used in Home Construction

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When it comes to construction of a house or repairing one, pipes are one of the most important elements. Though they can look similar to each other, there are different types of them. All plumbing pipe can be categorized into two main types, and they are supply and drainage pipes. Also, you can find various type of supply and drainage pipes according to their use. To make your work easier, here is the list of various type of pipes used in the construction of a home.

Supply Pipes

Supply pipe distribute water from the main supply in the neighborhood or building to your house or apartment. Here is the list of different types of supply pipes.

  1. PVC Pipe

PVC pipes are lightweight and are used as both supply and drainage pipes. They are cheaper as well as easy to install and maintain. They are available in varying diameters with a range of joint fittings as well. Also, they require proper cutting tools to create sections. However, make sure to glue them together to form joints. Otherwise, joints may leak if the glue does not form a strong bond. Be aware as they are not suitable for high water pressure levels or hot water.

  • PEX Pipe

PEX or Cross-linked polyethylene are one of the newest types of plumbing pipes. Used for water supply, they sustain high water pressure. They can weave through small spaces as they are flexible. Also, they connect with different pipes easily and are cost-effective. However, make sure to fit them properly, or they might result in leaks.

  • Copper Pipe

People often use copper pipe, when the groundwater is highly corrosive and can cause damage to other metallic pipe materials. They can withstand high water pressure levels. They are easily available in long length and can be used with hot water channels. However, they are expensive. They need to be cut with a tool for sectioning. Also, connecting two of them together requires professional expertise.

Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes are the ones that carry wastewater out of the house and into the local sewers. They are mostly set in the underground. Here is the list of different types of drainage pipes.

  • ABS Pipe

These pipes are similar to PVS but made for drainage system. They are made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and are slightly softer to the touch. They are also stronger than PVS. Though they are ideal for colder climates, they can deform in hot climates.

  • Concrete Pipe

Large sections of concrete pipes are common at every construction site to connect the home’s wastewater system with the main sewers in the area. They are available in varying diameters, they are pure concrete construction with no need of reinforcement. However, due to regular contact with bacteria in wastewater, they are prone to corrosion. They also often require cranes for transportation.

  • Galvanized Pipe

These pipes are generally made from iron or steel that has been coated with zinc. They are manufactured by pouring molten steel or iron into molds. They are strong and extremely durable. Though they come in varying thickness and diameters, they available in short lengths only. They are expensive and prone to corrosion over long periods of time.

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