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Types of Glass in Interior Design

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Glasses are the most common material in the architectural industry. In fact, They are not only limited to the windows of the house. Due to its clear and transparent surfaces, glasses are a popular design material in home décor. According to the functionalities and requirement of the versatile customers, there are various types of glasses available in the market. Also, when it comes to application of glass in interior design, there is quite a variety. Since, it can be molded into many forms, designers and professionals believe that glass is a magical material to create the desired effect in interior design. Therefore, we present you the various types of glasses that can be used in the interior décor.

Textured Glass

This type of glass has a decorative design embossed on its surface. The design can be a colorful geometric pattern, or just a plain texture. People use them not only for decoration but also use as room dividers and shower screens. In fact, they are common in the spaces that requires privacy as they block the view. However, it does not affect the light transmission as light can filter through the glass.

Reflective Glass

As the name suggests, this type of glass reflect the heat. It prevents heat loss from the interior of the building and heat gain from outside the building. People use them in eco-friendly constructions to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings. Due to its metallic finish, the glass blocks the view of people standing in front of it.

Spandrel Glass

This type of glass is used to disguise the structural elements such as columns, walls, beams and pillars. They come in a variety of color and is opaque and reflective in nature. Also, they provide a clean and neat look to the space. They are 5 times stronger than the traditional and annealed glass. They are popular in kitchen cabinets and walls.

Tinted Glass

People use tinted glass in windows to provide protection from blazing heat which can warm up the interiors of the home. They are manufactured by adding metal oxides to float glass. They are also available in various colors. However, if you want to transmit the light, these are not ideal glass for you as they hinder light transmission.

Clear Glass

These type of glass are the most common type of glasses you see in the interior space. They have a blue or green colored edge due to the presence of iron oxides. However, they are colorless. They allow almost 80-90% of the visible light to pass through. People use them in multiple locations in the house and for other decorative purposes.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass can be a blessing for the ones who want to block unnecessary noise in their living space. The glass has a double-glazed arrangement due to which the inner layer damps out any belligerent noises. It absorbs and weakens noises and reduces the decibels heard by humans. It is commonly wielded in home offices, study areas, sun rooms and home libraries.

Blown Glass

Hand-blown glass is a beautiful decorative glass technique that comprises blowing on molten glass with a blowpipe which forms bubbles in glass. The molded glass creates an artistic décor. One of the most popular examples of blown glass is the ceiling of Bellagio’s lobby (a hotel in Las Vegas). The master glassblower Dale Chihuly created ‘Fiori di Como’ which is a colorful blown glass ceiling made out of 2,000 pieces in 1998.

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