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Ways to Keep Toys from Overtaking Your Home

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Kids love to play with toys. If you are a parent, you know it better than anyone else. They can play with the toys for a whole day and still not get tired. Also, no matter how big the heap of toys is in your home, kids always wants more. Thus, if you have kids in your home, your home maybe messiest because of all their toys collection. But as a parent, living with constant clutter is no fun. You may even curse when you step on random Lego pieces. It is also irritating to hear your kids complain when they can’t find their favorite toys. To make it easier for you, we have brought a few tips on how to keep your kid’s toys from overtaking your home.

Organize Everything

Set a designated space where your kids can store all their toys. You can spend some time with your kids to decide where they can store them. It can be a book selves or even under a bed. You can also invest on big and small bins. These bins are useful for storing crayons, doll clothes and Lego pieces. Locking cabinets can be a better option as it prevents your kids from pulling everything out at once. Therefore, organizing is a key to clutter free life as once you’ve put everything where it belongs, there’s no more clutter on the floor.

Set ‘No Toy Zone’

If you feel like your kids are playing with toys in every nook and corner of the home, then set a boundary. You can lay a few ground rules, such as “no toys in the kitchen” or setting limits on the number of toys allowed out overnight. You can even write them down and post them on the fridge or in another highly visible area. Also specify rules, such as no toys on the couch, coffee table, or TV stand. This will not only prevent them from going missing but also prevent other accidents.

Leave Some Toys out of Reach

You don’t have to give all the toys to your kids. You can put them on the top shelf of the closet where your kids cannot reach. Bring them out during holidays or rainy days. This will also allow more quality time with your child instead of scrubbing pen marks off the walls. Rotate the toys. You can even have boxes of toys that are put away during winter months and come back out in the spring.

Let Kids Donate

As there may be a large pile of toys, you can let your kids donate the toys that they don’t play with anymore. You can even help your children donate one toy for every new one that enters the house. This keeps your toy-to-home ratio in balance. Collect all ignored or rejected toys and you can either donate or sale those in thrift shop. Make sure you ask your child so that they won’t miss them or cry over their disappearance. This will help you to have a clutter free environment. Also, this makes it easier for kids to find things to play with when they have so much.

Give Kids Ownership

Don’t wait for the toys to get piled up in your living room. Instead, teach your children to do short clean-ups after they stop playing. You can make your toddlers or even big kids to have fun organizing and picking up. When your child is done playing with blocks, let her put them back in the blocks’ bin or basket. Then, you can help her put the bin back on the shelf. You got to make these activities fun enough and your kid will eventually pick up without even being asked.

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