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Water Tank Maintenance Tips

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A home is not complete without a water tank. It is common to have at least two water tanks in every household in Nepal. One is built underground to receive water supply from the main pipes and the other is built on the roof, to supply water throughout the building. A quality water tank is an important investment to insecure clean drinking water in your home. However, buying a water tank doesn’t guarantee safe, potable water when you need it most. It also needs proper maintenance regularly. If you are wondering on how to clean your water tank, worry not. Here is the list of some of the best water tank maintenance tips for homeowners.

Inspect the Tank Regularly

Inspect your tank’s condition every three months. This will help you find any leakage or detect the need for cleaning. You can inspect the tank using a powerful flashlight when it is less than half-full. Watch out for the green or black growth on the walls of the tanks. They not only affect the quality of the water being supplied to your home but can be harmful to your health. Also, make sure that there are no insects or dead mouse inside the tank. You should check the quality of water as well. If the water has a foul odor or layer of substance floating, then it is time to clean the tank.

Clean and Disinfect at Intervals

It is advisable to clean your water tanks at least once every year, preferably twice if possible. Though it might be a difficult task for the first time, with the following tips, it will be quite easy for you. Before you start, open up all the water supply taps in your homes and let the water run out to empty the tank. Make sure to fill up buckets to save water. After the tank is empty, you can climb down to the tank and scoop and sweep out all the dirt sediments at the bottom of the tank. Also, use a hard scrubbing brush to clear off algae growth and mold on the walls. Spray a disinfectant on the walls if needed. While you get off the tank, make sure all of your cleaning supplies have been taken out as well.

Perform the Necessary Repairs

Most homeowners choose to clean their water tanks at the beginning of the annual monsoon season. It is also the right time to check your water storage tanks, pipes, and motors and to perform the necessary repairs. Make sure to check the structural integrity of the tank to prevent leaks, cracks, or damage in the long run. If you find any damage, repair it as soon as possible before it turns to major damage. Don’t forget to close the lid of the tank properly. This will prevent insects and rodents from entering it. Also, don’t forget to get a professional help from a plumber if the damage is a major one.

If you take care of your water tank promptly, you might never need to perform repairs or replacements as they are sturdily built to withstand water pressure.

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