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Ward Off Negativity During COVID-19

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It has been more than a year that people are limited in their home due to Covid-19 pandemic. Children are learning through online classes while adults are working from home. The only safe place is home. However, people are getting tired of staying at home, though there are no alternatives. As screen time is more than normal, social life is limited to zero. This is taking a toll on people’s mental health. Also, the news of people dying has negative impact on them. With the amplified negativity in such scenarios, we have brought some Vaastu tips to ward off negativity from your home during the time of crisis.

Declutter Your Space

It is always important to keep your surroundings neat and clean. However, it is even more important to clean and declutter your space in the time like this. Make sure to clean every corner of your home. Not only this, take away the unnecessary things lying on your drawer. You can keep the things you don’t need in a box and donate them later. This will help to generate positive energy which refreshes your mind.

Place a Wind Chime

Wind chimes help to attract good luck, wealth, positive energy and suppress negative energy. Therefore, place a wind chime in a window, or anywhere it’s airy. The tinkling sound tends to make the environment fun too. Nevertheless, the best place to hang a wind chime is in west direction. Also, hanging wind chimes in cluttered areas will break apart the negative energy, whereby reducing negativity in you.

Light some Lamps and Incense Sticks

Our elders have always talked about how one should never leave their home dark. Even when no one is home, it is always better to turn a few lights on. This is because a dark house digs negative energy. In the time of crisis like this, make sure to light diyo, lamps, and incense sticks every morning and evening.

The Magic of Camphor

Camphor has therapeutic properties. The smell of burning camphor gives a very nice and auspicious vibration to the environment. It also neutralizes negative energies. Also, if you are struggling with a blocked nose, takes a steam with a camphor in hot water. It works as a decongestant. Camphor is a very effective remedy for keeping the dengue mosquitoes away too. Just burn some camphor and keep all doors and windows closed for a while.


Meditate for minimum 15 minutes twice a day! This will make your mind stable and calm. It also helps to get rid of unwanted tension or anxiety. The other tips will help you to cleanse your surroundings and chuck out the negativity from your home. While meditation will help you to cleanse your mind and keep you serene.

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