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Tips To Clean Your House after an Illness

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With Covid-19 celebrating its anniversary, it does not plan to leave the planet sooner. The news of new coronavirus mutants on the rise in different countries is troubling the whole mankind. Therefore, it is time for people to be extra careful while maintaining both personal hygiene and household cleaning. When the whole world is in lockdown, the only safe place to be is your home. This makes it even more important to deep clean and properly sanitize your living space. Also, if you or your family member recently recovered from any illness, makes sure to hose down the rooms properly. If you are wondering how to, this article has few easy but yet effective tips to deep clean your house after a sickness.

Clean All the Household Surfaces

The first thing you need to do is wipe all the surfaces in your living space. You can use disinfectant and other chemicals to kill all the germs and bacteria living in the surfaces. However, remember that different surfaces need different cleaning treatment. For example, ceramic tiles needs an all-purpose cleaner while the wooden furniture can simply be cleaned with cloth soaked with water. Make sure to clean your toilet seats as well.

Wipe All the Household Accessories

After you have cleaned all the household surfaces, it’s time to wipe all the household accessories. This is because the patient may have touched those accessories and germs may still be alive. You should clean your door knobs, remote of various appliances, pillows, handrails, water bottles among others. Make sure to clean your children’s toys too. These toys can lay in the ground and can easily make contract with germs and bacteria. You can use a good quality disinfectant to wipe these toys as well as above mentioned accessories.

Take Care of the Trash

Solid waste management plays an important role while maintaining proper hygiene in your home. No matter how well you clean your space, if you don’t dispose your household waste properly, then there is more chance of people getting sick in your home. Make sure to place all your trash at a place and try to cover it. Cover bins are popular among people. You can even place a trash can near the patient’s bed so that they can easily throw the used tissue. And while disposing the garbage, make sure to wear a mask and gloves.

Make Use of Disposable Dishes

Instead of using the cutlery again and again, you can use disposable ones if anyone in your home is sick. You can easily find these disposable dishes in your nearest department stores. If you are wondering why, it is because they will greatly reduce the hazards of the infection becoming viral in your home again. Also, make sure to clean all the utensils and cooking accessories properly. Even the cabinets you have used to store should be cleaned and disinfected properly.

Let the Fresh Air In

Last but not the least, don’t forget to let the fresh air in. Open your windows and allow the fresh air to pass through your entire living space. This will make your indoor environment free from pollutants naturally. Proper ventilation is also necessary to let the air pass in the room even when the windows are closed.

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