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Tips for Moving House with Pets !!

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A home is incomplete without family and if you have a pet, then they are an essential part of the family. Having a pet brings happiness and companionship in the family. You can never get bored with them. Even if they behave mischievous sometimes, you will love them anyway. Moving to a new house is difficult but if you have pets, it is even more stressful. Just like humans, pets also get attached to their territory. This makes them uncomfortable while moving to a new home. Therefore, to make the process easier for you, here are step by step tips for moving house with pets.

Before we proceed to the tips, keep in mind that house shifting is a three-step process. You should make proper plans for before, during and after moving to a new home. With your lovely furry companion, this can be a little difficult, but you don’t need to worry as these tips will help you.

Things to Do Before Moving

Maintain the Routine

Your pets have maintained a certain routine with you. This includes morning or evening cuddles, food and evening walks with your pets. If there is disruption in that routine, it can cause anxiety in your pets. Thus, continue to follow these routines. You can take your dog for the morning walk, food and rest time. As these creatures are sensitive to any sort of change in their environment, the routine gives them a sense of security and control of the environment.

Use of Pheromones

If you are moving to a new home, investing in a pheromone diffuser can prove to be a great decision. Pheromones are chemicals capable of making cats and dogs feel secure and calm in a place and provide a homely feeling. Before you start packing, plug-in diffusers. As they diffuse Dog Appeasing Hormones (DAP) into the air, your pet will feel calm and secure.

Establish a Safe Zone

You can move your dogs to kennels and cats to a cattery. As packing and unpacking is a hectic work, a safe and trouble-free environment for them can be ensured. You can also ask your friends or family to take care of them during shifting. Also, slowly start moving their items like food bowl, water, toys and bed etc. into a separate room and close the door for as long as the shifting continues. This won’t be disturbing for them because it will be like a ‘home within a home’ feeling.

Packing Your Pet’s Items

Packing your pet’s items should be the last on your list so that they are not alarmed and become anxious of what’s going on around the place.

Travelling With Your pets

Make sure you consult with your vet who can advise you on what would help if your pets have motion sickness and don’t travel well. If you have a cat, you need to have a carrier. Also, keep the cover open and place toys and treats inside the carrier to make them feel easier. In case of a long journey, make frequent stops so that your pet can toilet and do a quick walk with you. Do not leave your pets in the car alone while making a stop especially with the windows closed. The temperature inside the car rises rapidly and can be dangerous.

After you reach your destination, you should check for any live wires inside or outside the house before getting your pets out of the car. You should also check if there aren’t any holes in the fences or spaces in the wall around your house from where your pet can run away. Make sure to check out for plants if they are completely safe for your pets.

After Moving

Unpack Your Pet’s Belongings First

It is really important to unpack their items like bed, cushion or blankets first so that it feels like home to them when they first enter. These pets are sensitive to their surroundings. So, you can even rub a soft cloth on your dog’s face and then lightly rub it on your furnishing and walls at your pet’s heights. This will help them track their own scent around the house and develop a homely feeling. It is recommended not to wash the pet’s bed and blanket until a few days have passed in the new place.

Let Them Explore

After securing the place, let your pets explore. As cats are a curious animal, they would explore the new place and smell people coming in your house. They develop a connection and familiarity. However, dogs might not be confident, and it would be better if you would give them a tour to the new place. Also, don’t let your dog out without a leash unless they have satisfying behavior, and it’s safe for them to go out. Unfamiliar surroundings and people can trigger anxiety in them and puts neighbors in danger as well.

Re-training Might Be Required

As the place is a new to your pets, there might be toilet accidents. Instead of scolding them, you should show them where to release and may reward them for their learning. And if this prolongs, you can revisit old toilet training tricks or even consult your vet for a better approach to the problem. Besides this, you need to get their routine set quickly too. This will help them get acquainted with the new neighborhood.

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