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Second Longest Zipline in Asia at Nagarkot

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The second longest superman zipline in Asia is under construction at one of the popular tourist destination, Nagarkot. With the budget of 60 million rupees, it is being constructed by Nagarkot Zipline Pvt. Ltd. Along with this, the construction of a restaurant is also going on. Kedar Thapa, director of the zip line, has been operating zipline business in Dhulikhel, Kavre too.

Currently, the longest superman zipline is located at Dubai. Its length is 2803 meters. Similarly, the length of this is 1,900 meters. According to Thapa, as the number of both national and international tourists is increasing, zipline can be a good business in Nagarkot. About 90% of domestic tourists are flocking to the zipline, bungee jump and sky cycling till now. However, after the completion of this at Nagarkot, it will be an excellent destination for both internal and external tourists.

Nagarkot has been a perfect destination for tourists to watch sunrise and sunset. It is also a popular venue for hosting seminars by various organization. In fact, the main aim of this adventurous sport is to expand the tourists’ stay on Nagarkot. “Also, the games that are not available in Dhulikhel and other places will be available here,” says Thapa. The capacity of the zipline is 300 people daily.

After the test ride on New Year’s Day, Bhaisakh 01, 2078, the zipline is set to launch on Jestha 2078. Following this, Nagarkot will not only be popular for sightseeing but for adventurous tourism as well.

Adventure Park at Bojini Dam

An adventure park is also under construction at Bojini Dam, Nagarkot. Udi Adventure Pvt. Ltd is building the park on 200 ropani land. A canopy walk is under construction where you can play as well as sleep in trees. The construction shall begin in Chaitra and will open for public in Jestha. Also, there will be more than 25 different types of adventurous sports such as boating and sky cycling.

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