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Probable Dirtiest Spots in Your House

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Due to the increasing risk of Covid-19 virus, you may have considered cleaning each and every space of your home. Though we regularly dust, sweep, mop and declutter our homes, this time everyone is a little too cautious. However, no matter how neat and tidy the home appears, there are plenty of spots that you can easily miss. And we bet you don’t want to miss those spots. As this lockdown seems to be for quite some time, we have brought the five dirtiest places in your home which need to be taken care.

Garbage Disposal Bins

Dustbins and trash cans are containers for garbage or waste material. It is quite obvious that they are breeding grounds for germs. They usually collect food residue, cleaned up dirt from the house, and many other wet and dry items. This creates bad odor as well. Therefore, to prevent this, you need to clean these bins time to time. While cleaning, make sure to follow the instructions below:

  • Mix the detergent in water and the bubbles will indicate once it is mixed.
  • Pour detergent into the bin and leave it there for some time.
  • Shake the bin a few times so that it reaches everywhere inside.
  • Use the brush to scratch off all the sticky residual waste.
  • Wash it properly with clean water and let it dry.

Toothbrush Holder

As toothbrush holder are usually placed in the washroom, it tends to spread more germs. Every time you brush and place the brush back in its holder, there is some water still dripping from it. After a few days, the holder will have some amount of water in it. This is a perfect base shelter to bacteria and other microorganisms. Thus, make sure to clean your toothbrush next time while brushing your teeth. Here are the simple steps to clean it.

  • Use soapy warm water and put the holder in it for some time so that if there is any stubborn residue on its surface, it softens.
  • After a few minutes, use the brush to scrub-off the inside properly.
  • Wash it with water thoroughly.
  • For added sterilization, place it in the boiling water for 3-5 minutes or soak it in either bleach or vinegar for at least 30 minutes.

Sink and Faucet

Both washroom and kitchen sink have high probability of germs growing around.  We often clean these sinks while using it. However, have you looked under the sink and drainage pipes? You will be little disgusted by what you find inside. Cleaning is not enough for such places. You need to disinfect them. It means killing microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, etc. If you are confused, these easy steps will help you clean a sink. This will also help to prevent clogging.

  • Use 1 to 2 cups of hot water and pour it in the sink.
  • Use a solution of bleach, easily available in the market, and pour the quantity as mentioned on the bottle in the sink drainage.
  • Let it stay there overnight.
  • Repeat it every one 2 weeks.


A dirty carpet can not only be a source of germs, dirt and diseases. It also compromises the pleasant environment of a room by clogging and damping smell. Though carpets improves the look of a living room, it is also home to dust particles and germs. To clean a carpet, you can vacuum it twice a week. However, it only removes dust particles. However, to disinfect, you can wash the carpet every month. If it is a hectic task, you can seek a help from professional cleaning services.


When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? The average lifespan of a good quality mattress is 7 to 10 years. Imagine not cleaning it even once except for dusting its surface. Our bed accumulates dead skin cells, dust, body sweat, pollen and even our pet’s hairs. These spots also gather yeast and other bacteria that deeply penetrate your bed. If not dealt on time, it can be fatal too. Therefore, vacuum your bed at first. Then clean the mattress using baking soda. Don’t forget to put the mattress in the open air and expose it to sunlight.

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