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Plan Your Spring Garden with These Tips

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As the cold winter slowly vanishes, spring is here with beautiful sun shines and colorful flowers blooming all over. Spring is definitely best season of all. It is the best time that your dream of lush garden come out alive. However, you need to work really hard and start planning for your spring garden. Take your garden tools and be ready. Here are some essential steps to get your garden ready for the season.

Plan Your Garden’s Spacing

The first thing you need to do is to make notes of blank space in your garden. Notice which plants are taking too much space. Start mapping things out about which plants can be removed. Also, you can make a plan about where you want extra, how big they should be, and what needs to be moved around. The thing is you should start planning by the end of the summer. Worry not because it’s never too late to start the right thing.

Ditch The Trash Trees

Trees are here for the long time. Therefore, don’t plant something you will regret one day. Make sure to consider the size, form and habit of the tree before planting. Also, know that of the tree quickly catches any diseases or pests. Tree removal is expensive. Thus, you don’t want to make unnecessary expense later.

Clear Out Beds

This is the most fun part as you get to dirty your hands and knees. Throw out any twigs and fallen leaves into your compost bins. You can make compost fertilizer with them later which is good for your garden. Make sure to cut dead plants from last season as well. This will help to make enough space for your new plants. Also get rid of weeds and other unnecessary grass that are growing on your garden.

Invest In Your Soil

This is one of the most important part as your soil will determine the health of your garden. Make sure to fill the soil with organic matter as possible. You can use the compost fertilizer you made earlier. This will give the soil a better texture and more fertility. You can also text the soil with your local agricultural extension office. You will get detail information on what to grow and how to improve it.

Purchase Plants With Confidence

Before buying any plants, inspect the foliage and check for the healthy roots. Don’t buy unhealthy plants that will die sooner. If you can’t find the plant you’re looking for, order seeds, bulbs and plants from the market or online. The best place to buy healthy plants is at a local garden center. They can also provide detail about flowers for your spring garden as well as other seasons.

Plant For All Four Seasons

In case you are planting for spring only, those pretty blooms will soon fade away. Therefore, choose a variety of plants that offer interest at different times of the year. This will help your garden look alive for all seasons long. You can divide space for each season and plant accordingly. Also, When the weeds appear in summer, be ready to them dig out.

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