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Paragliding Test Successful at Kawasoti

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Pokhara is a popular destination for both international and domestic tourists. They come to visit the city for its rich natural beauty as well as for paragliding. The thrill of being up in the sky and flying like a bird is priceless. Since, paragliding is a booming business in Pokhara, many investors are studying the possibility of paragliding in other places as well. Kawasoti is one of the example as locals are currently testing it for the paragliding business.

A test flight of paragliding was conducted from Baluwadanda in Kawasoti of Nawalparasi. In fact, five pilots successfully flew three test flights. The crew flew one flight alone and two flights with two people each. Evidently, Kawasoti has great possibility to be a potential tourism sector in Nepal. According to Kawasoti Municipality Deputy Chief Prem Shankar Mardania Tharu, the paragliding business will open new possibilities for the tourism sector. Also, they are planning to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure in Kawasoti.  Thus, the door of new potential for tourism would open if the test is fully successful.

Test Flight at Kawasoti

The first flight was made by technician and pilot, Hari Pahari. The flight from Baluwadanda made a successful landing at Pokhari Lake in Kawasoti-1. He flew from a height of 927 meters. According to him, Baluwadanda area is suitable for paragliding in terms of wind, flight and landing. After Sarangkot, this place have the potential to be an excellent place for the adventurous sport.

At first, the youths of Kawasoti studied the process and possibilities of paragliding there. Then, they formed Baluwadanda Paragliding Youth Group under the chairmanship of local Umesh Rana. The group received positive support and Kawasoti Municipality also made necessary cooperation. After obtaining the permission for the test flight from the Civil Aviation Authority, they prepared for the first test flight.

The crew will conduct some test flights for five days. They will also conduct test flights from different places of Baluwadanda. They will identify different places for landings as well. After the five-day flight, the concerned authority will make sure of the possibility of commercial paragliding. However, according to the pilot, the paragliding business seems to be successful in Baluwadanda after the first test flight.

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