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Places You Might Forget To Clean In House

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When we say we cleaned our room, it’s probably vacuuming the floor, rearranging the messed bookshelves, and washing the piled-up dishes and dirty laundry. But, we might have missed the places to clean. Though we hate doing our chores, is it enough when it comes to cleaning? There are places in our home that we don’t always think of while cleaning. However, these are also the places that collect filth and attract germs. The hidden dirt and dust can easily build up in unexpected places in your home. Here are the few such places that you are forgetting to clean. It is better not to miss any places to clean.

Door Knobs

Door Knobs collects enough dust but we often forget to clean them. They are touched in your home hundreds of times each day. Use a soft cloth to wipe the top, sides, and entire surface of door frames to remove unwanted dust or dirt. You can also use warm water with a few drops of soap water to remove the grime.

Undersides Of Furniture

We may often clean under our bed and sofas where we can find few dust bunnies rolling around. But have you ever looked at the actual bottom of the furniture piece? These spots can accumulate a shocking amount of dust. You can use your vacuum or a dusting wand to get rid of spider webs and eggs, dust, and grime.

Walls & Ceilings

If you look up at your ceilings right now, you can probably see spider webs hanging around. Use a long-handled sponge mop to clean your fifth wall. You can not only reduce the dust particle but also enhance the paint job in any room. Both vertical and horizontal surfaces can have dust and grime clinging. You can start from the top of the wall and work down using a duster that traps particles.


People don’t clean curtains that often. Due to this, dust, dirt, pollen, mold, and more can easily build up on your curtains. You can start at the top and work your way down by using a vacuum or damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. You should also be careful before washing the curtains as some curtains and drapes require special cleaning instructions.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Light fixtures tend to be the most common spots we forget to clean. With the help of a ladder, you can reach the entire fixture and gently wipe the specks of dust with a cloth or duster.  Also, a thick layer of dust can collect on the blades of your ceiling fan. Make sure you place a newspaper or towel beneath the fixture and ceiling fan to catch all the excess dust.

Indoor Plants

Plants and flowers have a tendency to cling to dust. You can use a soft cloth or disposable duster to wipe the dust-out. Silk plants that are placed for decoration can be cleaned by taking them outside and using a hairdryer set on cool to blow off the dust. 

So, next time you are cleaning your home, don’t miss out these places.

These were some points you need to know before you are convinced your places are cleaned. Hope you like this article. Comment and share in your socials. If you are about to sell, rent, or buy any real estate properties you can always visit

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