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How To Make Your Work From Home Effective?

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People are looking for ways to work remotely, given the ever-prolonging lockdown and unknown future of the corona crisis. Drawing from other countries, many people have started the practice of working from home in Nepal too. To make your work from home experience better, here are the few ways to make your home office work.

Choose Space For Work Place

Start by choosing a particular space in your home to make it a workplace and make sure there is adequate lighting. Talk to family members or roommates about the hours you are working from home so that they don’t disturb you while you work. Place a comfortable chair so that you can type without a strain. To avoid messy wires and plugs, make sure you have a seamless tech setup. Make sure to find a space that feels like a dedicated and functional work.

Clear The Mess

If you look around your desk right now, you can find things that you do not need at all. Be it a pen without any ink or broken paper clips. Throw or move away from the things, you do not need while working but make sure you have all your essential close at hand. You may feel lazy to declutter but after you are done, you will feel great. Also, keep your desk well organized. You can keep the stationaries under the drawer and arrange your files in order. This makes your work from home more pleasant and effective.

Put Things That Create Positive Vibes

You can keep some houseplants near your working area. These low light plants like the snake plant, golden pothos plant, lucky bamboo can not only add beauty to your workspace but bring positive and good vibes by reducing stress levels.

Make Surrounding Pleasant

Every now and then people feel stressed while working. Maybe the client is unsatisfied or the boss is piling up the work, they feel distressed. To keep you motivated, fill your working area with things that make you happy. It may be the picture of your pet, smiling portrayed by your family or your favorite superhero. To remind you of the important task, you can keep the to-dos and reminders. You can also keep mementos from a fun trip or print out motivational quotes as it helps keeps you smiling throughout the work.

Decorate Your Space

While working from home, people have to make video calls to clients and colleagues. While having a Zoom meeting, you don’t want your colleagues to see a ton of laundry or messed up bedsheets behind you. Thus, make sure you have a clean and open background. 

You can have a professional or plain background behind you and dress and groom professionally. You can also show off souvenirs, art piece or book shelf if you have enough space.

Prepare Your Gadget

As you are working from home, this gives you the advantage to decorate your own office without worrying about what your boss or colleagues will say. You can light the scented candles, play your favorites songs, and change your computer wallpaper to that of your favorite movie star. You can even store some light snacks under your desk to avoid frequent kitchen trips. Also, keep the supplies you need well-stocked.

It is a difficult time for every human being on this planet. We all are fighting the virus as well as making a living for our family. At the time like this, it is important for us to stay positive and find comfort and peace while we work.

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