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Home Automation: Pros and Cons

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If we look back at the human development and evolution, we have come a long way from traditional and simple lifestyle to modern and scientific livelihood. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used to hunt for food. Whereas now with a single click on your mobile phones, the food is delivered to you. The development of various technologies has made our life a lot easier. A telephone, which used to reside in one of our room has now changed into a pocket sized mobile phones that has other multiple purpose of use. A smartphone can not only make calls but can carry a whole library in your pocket. With the bunch of various applications, you can perform almost every task in your smartphones. Even a 3rd grade kid knows about smartphone these days. However, have you heard about smart homes or home automation?

Introduction to Home Automation

You may have heard about the terms like smartphones and smartwatches. People define them as the advance form of mobile phones and watches that serve multiple purposes. In the same way, smart homes are the homes that are powered by advanced home automation system. Here, the things you used to operate manually, now can automatically act according to the need. For example, to turn off or on the light bulb, you press a switch. However, with the help of the automation system, you can make it turn on or off by itself when it detects the presence of a person in the room or the absence of it. Sounds too fancy and expensive, right? Though this technology is not new to the market, since the past few years, it has become more affordable and its usage is now more widespread than ever.

Home automation brings you lots of ease to perform everyday task. It increases your quality of life and makes the distribution of the house more versatile. It changes the environmental conditions creating different predefined scenes. Not only this, it also enables you to enjoy unlimited control of your property without being physically present on the premises. You are able to converse with someone who rings the doorbell to adjusting the thermostats of different rooms, all while being away. However, you should analyze the pros and cons of the automation system to see if it is feasible or not to install it in your home.

Pros of Home Automation

  • Energy Saving

Home automation helps you to save water, electricity and gas. It guarantees that all the lights in the house are turned off when nobody is in the house. As it controls your lightning and air conditions, it manages up to 70% of energy consumption.

  • Security

One of the important advantage of home automation is it detect fires, intruders, gas leaks or a water leak. You can also keep an eye on your home from anywhere through cameras.

  • Accessibility

To manage and monitor, the elderly and senior citizen or disabled person, home automation provides great solutions. The system is equipped with two-way voice command and control. You can also lock exterior doors and control the lights no matter where you are. You can also automate your pet care options by integrating the feeders with the smart homes systems.

  • Well-being and Tele Care

You can also control the amount of light that enters the room according to your need. It automatically allows you to close and open the blinds. This helps you to create different environment in different rooms of your home. The other important pros is your home automation records the user’s life habits, such as the time spent in bed, bath, taking medications. With the help of various sensors, the recorded information can also be supervised by professionals’ health care.

Cons of Home Automation

  • Initial Cost and Maintenance

It is pretty expensive. Since the entire home is wired, the initial investment is very important. Also, if there is any type of breakdown, the maintenance process is complex and costly.

  • Power Outages

Your home automation can be compromised if your home is located in the area with frequent power loss. If there power outages repeats, your whole home automation system can be damaged.

  • Internet Connectivity

A high speed internet connection is the soul of home automation system. Without proper internet connection, there is no use of having these home automation.

  • Centralized command and control

If there is problem in the centralized command, then your whole system collapses. Not only this, as this system totally depends upon wireless connection, there is a threat of cybercrime activities too.

These were the list of pros and cons of home automation system. Hope you find this article useful. If you are about to sell, buy, or rent any real estate materials, you can always visit

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