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Creative And Productive Things To Do In Lockdown

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The second wave of coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire in Nepal. As the virus made a comeback with new variants and mutations, it is even more life-threatening to be outside. The government has imposed lockdown in various part of the country. Everyone is limited to their home and there is constant clampdown in terms of work and creativity. If you are struggling with ideas on what to do at the moment, we are here to save you. Here are the list of few ideas to spark some fun and help you break out of any mental or physical ruts you may be facing right now.

Learn New language

Remember the days when you wanted to learn French or Spanish? This is the perfect time for you to fulfill that wish. You can find many YouTube videos and online tutorials that will help you to learn a new language. You can also find various apps on Google Play and Apple Store. Therefore, utilize this time to learn a completely new language.

Start Reading

When was the last time you read a novel? Make sure to get back to your reading habit this lockdown. With the development of various technology, you now even don’t need a book to read. You can simply download the book of your choice on your mobile. There are gadgets like Kindle where you can store thousands of books. Also, there are endless benefits to reading.

Learn Calligraphy or Painting

Do you know that drawing or painting can help to reduce stress? Grab your pencils and colors and start drawing. However, you don’t have to be Van Gogh. Just draw what you feel like drawing. Also, nobody needs to see your creations. Remember, this isn’t for anybody but YOU. You can also practice calligraphy and lettering. There are many tutorials and expert guides available online.

Organize Your Wardrobe

If you take a look at your wardrobe, it may be a mess right now. There may be a pair of jeans that just don’t fit the way they used to. Now is a perfect time to declutter your wardrobe. You can donate your old clothes and manage the ones that fit well.

Update Your CV and Professional Accounts

Make sure to update your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. You probably were procrastinating to do this but now is the time to finally do it. You can update your profile picture and add some additional information on those professional accounts.

Get fit

During lockdown, you cannot continue going to gym and morning walks too. But this should not stop you from doing some exercises. You can watch Zumba videos on YouTube and move your body. Also, try out different types of workouts over the course of the next few weeks and find that workout that really works for you.

Do Nothing 

Sometimes you feel the pressure of doing something productive while you just want to rest. Your social media might be flooded with your friends doing various stuffs. This might make you feel stumped. However, remember that everyone has their own pace. Thus, clean your mind and allow yourself to remain empty. This will be useful if you need time to recharge and make more mental room for creativity when you’re finally ready to create. 

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