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13 Kitchen Trends of 2019

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A kitchen is the heart of the whole house. It is where magic is created and families come together. A well decorated and functional kitchen is every person with cooking skills’ dream. Whether you have the skills to cook or not, a well-functioning kitchen with a welcoming ambience will surely encourage you to cook more. A kitchen is a mother’s pride so why not change the way it looks, make it even better, add some new tools that she’s been wanting to buy and also, it can be a great mother’s day gift as well. Read on to know the ongoing kitchen trends that you can follow and improvise accordingly.

1. Brick Walls

Image by Denise Husted from Pixabay

You can create a new dimension with a wall with an exposed brick wall. This wall will become the centre of attraction so be careful with what you place in this wall. You can install open shelves and display as well as store items and even place a few indoor plants.

2. No Upper Cabinet

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

We all have the same cabinet over the kitchen counter which is good for storage. But, if you have a small kitchen with an upper cabinet, it makes the kitchen even small. So have a clear space with no upper cabinets. It makes the room appear big, and also if you have windows, the lights won’t be blocked.

3. Long Island

Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

If you love cooking and inviting people over your house, then having a long island is the better way. You will have enough space to display all the dishes you’ve cooked and also have people gather around and have fun.

4. Farmhouse and Rustic Style

Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay

You don’t need everything to be structured and have a marble effect all over the kitchen. Switch up your dark and white cabinets with much more light coloured wood. Include wooden panels across the ceiling and have black metal lights hanging on top of the island and dining area.

5. Open Shelves

Photo by Kokil Sharma from Pexels

If you have an unused wall in your kitchen, use that wall to create open shelves. Open shelves are great to display your crockery items. The shelves act as a storage area as well as a display area. You can display your best kitchen tools and items. You can even add house plants and succulents which brings the whole room together.

6. Black and Sage Green Cabinet

Photo by Emre Can from Pexels

We all have a dark brown shade cabinet in our kitchen. Well, you don’t always need to have brown cabinets all the time. Have a sage green cabinet, which is not too of a crazy change, but a refreshing one. Add black metal bar handles which perfectly compliment the cabinet.

7. Dark Countertops

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

You might have seen red and green countertops in every kitchen you’ve entered. Since you have already committed to the red and green, might as well change the countertops to something darker. Having a dark countertop not only changes the whole look and feel of the kitchen but also the ambience of the kitchen.

8. Open Floor Plan

Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay

Love having friends and family over for lunch and parties? Well, then you definitely need to have an open floor plan to accommodate your need. An open floor plan means the kitchen and the living room have no divider between them. Having this floor plan means the light is not blocked and the area looks bigger.

9. Black and White Combo

Image by Bernd Müller from Pixabay

You can never go wrong with a black and white combination. Don’t be scared to use white paint in your kitchen. Maybe with white paint, you’ll be more into keeping the place clean. Have a white cabinet and a black countertop or vice versa. This combination is so versatile that you can use it anyhow you want to.

10. Quartz Countertop and Marble Backsplash

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Having quartz for countertop is much better than having marble for the countertop. Quartz is durable than marble and doesn’t easily crack and break. For the backsplash, which is the wall where your kitchen countertop is, the marble will be a better option. The natural marble effect will make the backsplash seem flawless rather than having tiles with the same teacup set.

11. High Ceiling Cabinets

Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

Yes, we did mention not to have an upper cabinet, but if you have a huge area, then you can install high ceiling cabinets. These cabinets basically touch the ceiling, rather than our normal cabinets which have space between the ceiling and the top of the cabinet.

12. White Walls and Blue-Green Tiles

Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

If you go for all white including the walls, the countertops, the cabinets, the island, the furniture, even your metals silver, then the whole space will look bland. It might look beautiful and inviting if you use textures in and around the kitchen, switch up silver metals with gold. Blue and green tiles will look equally beautiful in the kitchen as they might look in other areas. Choose a softer toned blues and greens that will compliment the whites.

13. White Walls and Gray Shades

Image by Connoman from Pixabay

If you think black is too harsh for your choice, then you can settle for gray as it is softer than black yet might have a similar effect. Grays can be used in the cabinets, backsplash, stools, basin and more.

With all these different ideas, hope you like a few from our list. If you do, share it among your family and friends, you can even pin it in Pinterest for reference.

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This article was in reference to the article published in Houzz.

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