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10 Tips for Better Growing Plants

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We all love a bit of garden section around our house but to make sure it looks and feels like a garden and not a muddy weed growing place, certainly is a difficult task. Here are our tips for a better plant section.

With the habit of using tea as a fertilizer, the flies are inevitable. Make sure to wash the tea with water before using it.


If you like being organized, then use trough planters to group alike plants.


Over-watering can lead to the death of the plants. Consider watering according to the plants.


Water, Light and Warmth are the best friends. Provide these even where you’re away.


The compost you use for outdoors is quite not suitable for the indoors. Use a peat free compost.


Indoor plants with more whites and yellows need more light than fully green ones.


Try sticking to the same area the plants are planted as they are known to adapt their surroundings.


Plants help decrease stress so keep around few indoor plants in your living space.


Prune your plants regularly.


If the soil is dry, increase the watering.


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