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What is Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in Nepal?

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Mobile Device Management System is a System being used to regulate illegal mobile devices in Nepal, starting Shrawan 1, 2078 BS. If you are bringing mobile phones for family members and friends from abroad. Remember that you now have to pay tax at the customs point in Nepal. It is mandatory to pay tax as per the rules from Shrawan 1. The mobile phones we import from abroad will not work without registration. It is an exception for our personal phone.

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Mobile Device Management System (MDMS)

Nepal Telecommunications Authority informed that imported mobile phones will not work in Nepal. NTA is all set to launch Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) to regulate mobile phones. So, NTA requests everyone to register the mobile phones that are already in use in Nepal. This will help to prevent criminal activities and, discourage illegal imports.

Yet, the phones that are already in use without any registration will continue to operate for now. But the phones that we import after this Shrawan will be usable only after registration.

In case for business, the sellers have to register the phones imported. But, for personal use, the users should register their own phones brought from abroad. Also, you do not have to pay tax in case of personal use. In case of more than one mobile phone, you will have to pay tax as per the rules. You have to pay 2.5 percent excise duty and 13 percent value added tax (VAT) based on the price of the phone.

The Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) is for phone importers, customs department, telecom and other companies. This will help concerned body to know whether the set has completed the required process. The process include registering the IMEI number of the mobile.

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How To Register IMEI For Mobile Phones ?

For Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) registration, you’ll need IMEI of your phone. You can dial ‘* # 06 #’ on your mobile to get the IMEI. If your mobile has only one SIM, it shows the one IMEI number. If it has two SIMs, it shows two IMEI numbers. Also, if you use a dual SIM mobile, you will need to register both IMEI numbers.
To ease the process, NTA had started online IMEI registration to make things easier for the users.

  • After submitting the application, you’ll receive an email request for IMEI registration.
  • Once NTA completes the background study, it will either dis/approve the application.
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