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Land Ceiling Exemption Order 2021: Realty Company Now cannot hold more than 100 Ropanis of land

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As per the new regulation of the government, real estate companies now cannot hold land of more than 100 ropanis. The newly-enforced Land Ceiling Exemption Order 2021 has reduced the number of lands holding according to the geography.

Now, land holding areas for the realty company is 100 ropanies from existing 300 ropanis in hilly region. Similarly, in Kathmandu, the government has reduced to 50 ropanis from existing 100 ropanis and 20 bighas from existing 50 bighas in Terai region. Nevertheless, the law has given flexibility to a cooperative-based farming to keep land size of 2,000 ropanis. In hilly region, the agro-based industries and forest-based industries can use land of 200 ropanies to 1,500 ropanies. Whereas the industries can hold 50 to 150 ropanies in Terai.

A hospital and a university can hold land at a maximum of 300 ropanis. A manufacturing firm can use land of up to 500 ropanis in the hilly region and 50 bighas in Terai.

Land Ceiling Exemption Order 2021

The Government of Nepal has issued the ‘Order Related to Exemption on Land Ceiling, 2021’ to industries, enterprises, companies, projects, and educational or health institutions for the purpose of operating businesses pertaining to industry, agriculture, hydroelectricity, education, health, and real estate.

In addition to this,  if any industry, enterprise, company, project, or firm requires such land that exceeds the ceiling on land allowed under the prevailing law, exemption may be granted to it based on their eligibility.

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