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Essential Tool for Painting a Room

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If you are planning to renovate your home, painting a new color to your room maybe on the top of the list. Whether you hire a professional painter or you want to paint on your own, new color will definitely freshen the look of your walls. The task of painting with your partner or children can even make memorable moments. But before you begin, you will need to have few tools and equipment. In this article, you will find the list of essential tools for painting a room.

Painter’s Tape

When you are painting a room, you don’t want your doors or windows to get the splash of the paints. Painter’s tape will help you to avoid spoiling your doors and windows. However, make sure to choose different tapes for different surfaces according to your project. Before removing the tape, check if the paint is completely dry. Also, don’t leave it longer than needed. Sometimes, latex paint begins to pull away with the tape as you remove it. You can use a utility knife to make a small cut where the tape meets the paint. This will help you to protect your paint.


Roller is one of the most common as well as important tool while painting. You may have seen painters using roller to paint while walking around. Rollers are mostly used when there are larger area to cover. If you are using oil-based paints the natural rollers like wool are best, while synthetic rollers like nylon are perfect for latex. Also, the shorter the roller’s nap, the smoother the finish.

Paint Tray

Whenever you are using a roller, a paint tray is essential to complete the work. You can buy a sturdy metal paint tray and then use disposable plastic inserts for different paint colors. This will help to protect the tray for years to come. To the excess paint before rolling it on your walls, roll the roller back and forth on the ribbed slanted surface after dipping it into the paint.

Paint Brush

When you are planning to paint, paint brush are obvious. These brushes are ideal for smaller areas and for edging. For applying oil-based paints, natural-bristle brushes are used. Whereas polyester brushes are best for latex paints. An angled brush makes it easy to paint straight lines along areas of trim. Flat-headed brushes are best for filling in larger spaces. Don’t forget to buy a paint brush cleaner. It will help you keep your brushes clean for future use. Also, with your brushes all clean, you can easily use the same brushes for other colors.


If there are only small areas you don’t want to paint, like window molding, you can use a metal or plastic edger. Hold it against the area you don’t want to be painted and apply your paint along the outside edge. Clean the edger with a rag before moving it along to make sure you don’t accidentally drag paint where you don’t want it.

Sturdy Ladder

A standard six-foot aluminum or fiberglass ladder that fits your weight specifications, is a good investment piece. This will be useful in a host of other activities around the house as well.

Drop Cloths

To preserving your floors and furniture when painting, drop cloths are essential. Canvas cloths are expensive, but they’ll last long and absorb paint if it spills. Plastic drop cloths are lightweight and reusable. However, if paint spills on them it’ll pool, unlike canvas cloths. Investing in the right one will help you for years of paint jobs to come.

Touch-Up Tool

For quick paint touch-ups around the house, invest in this Touch-Up tool. You can find this easily at any hardware store. Doing touch-ups around the house can also save you from a much extensive paint job around the house.

Clear Plastic Bucket

It’s easier to pour paint into these containers than to work from a quart or gallon. You can use these for saving your paint for future use as well.

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