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7 Handpicked Tips for Starting Your Own Real Estate Business   

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Hey folks, how have you been doing? I hope all of you are doing well.

Well, the topic for today is very exciting. Today’s topic is all about being an entrepreneur.  Who may not have thought of being an entrepreneur at least once in a lifetime? There are different kinds of entrepreneur for example media entrepreneur, education entrepreneur and among others.

Among the different kinds of entrepreneurship, the hype towards real estate entrepreneurship is very high at present. Real estate business is one of the most lucrative business in Nepal and also all around the world. The real estate sector can be divided into three main categories commercial, residential and land.

If you planning to start your own real estate business then check this post, it might be helpful enough for you.

Here are few steps that will lead you to become real estate entrepreneur.

  1. Be a real estate agent/Research:

    If you will work or research as a real estate agent it will let you know about the present scenario of real estate business.  Before starting your own real estate business you must first visit a field, try to know the present demands and situation of the market.
  2. Sketch a strong business plan:

    After you are done with your research, you should enroll into making strong business plan. You must hammer out dazzling and extremely clear business plan and must stick on it. The business plan should include all the possible expenses that your business will stumble upon, along with the way that it will grow revenue to meet these expenses.
  3. Hire and Delegate

    This one is very important and serious matter in every kind of business. Being an entrepreneur you should know when to do things for yourself and when to delegate. Concentrate on the part where you can perform better. Hire other people to run other aspects of the business. You’ve only got one head, so don’t try to wear every hat in your business!
  4. Sign Up the best salespeople:

    Real estate is all about sales. If you don’t choose proper salesperson or train you salesperson in a skillful way your real estate business will never going to be successful.
  5. Ask for advice:

    Being a business person you should never scare or hesitate to ask for advice.  No-one can be an expert in every field, and you should not allow yourself to become isolated. Attend networking events, keep in touch with your employs, other useful people, and never be afraid to ask for advice from others

6.Register your Business:



















Most of the real estate agents are running unregistered business typically a proprietorship part, However, the real estate brokerage business is becoming now reformed, formalized and elevated to next level to win over customer confidence.

7. Be a good boss

Reward the one who works hard for you and keep motivating them. Treat your employees with respect, and ensure that when they do good work it doesn’t go unnoticed; No-one likes to feel unappreciated, understand that they are fundamental to the success of your company.


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