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10+ Ideas To Elevate Your Kids Room

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Did you have a room to yourself when you were a kid? If no, then let your own kids have that! Plan your kids room like the way you want if you had one in the past. Also, don’t forget to add bits and bobs that your child loves and enjoys. Continue reading to know how you can transform a boring room into the dream room for your child.

Bright Books

Books are one of the best pieces that you can keep in a kid’s room. The bright ones especially put the whole room together. Also, when your child grows older, you can easily swap these books with some other pieces like their favorite superhero statue or dolls.

World Map Wallpaper

Having a world map wallpaper not only fills the whole room but also can be beneficial as your kid can gain knowledge about geography.

Vibrant Furniture and Accessories

Don’t make your kid’s life dull. Paint the furniture in the room with the colors that they like. Bring a pop of pink, a shine of yellow and a dash of green. Even if the room doesn’t have ample lighting, the colorful furniture and accessories will surely put a light in the room.

Bunk Beds

If you have two or more kids, invest in bunk beds. They are cool and your kids will love them. Bunk beds don’t have to be boring like the ones you see in hostels, browse online and give your local furniture shop the ideas you want.

Gallery Wall

You might think this is too much, but trust us, it isn’t. Find pictures that your kids like, and also add some family photographs. The frames need not be huge and can be dainty and soft structured.

Play with Patterns

Solid colors are great and so are patterns. Have a pillow with a funky pattern or the wallpapers with structured patterns. You don’t always have to go for a black and white pattern. Be colorful, be playful.

Platform Beds

If you don’t enjoy the bunk beds, then platform beds are equally great. The platforms can even serve as a storage space where you can store the paint supplies or the toys.

White Boards

Use the whiteboards to write a simple quote that your kid can understand, or use it as a message board.

Toy Collection

Have a dedicated drawer or basket to keep all the toys your kids own. If your kids don’t like sharing, then have separate things for each of your kids.

Neon and Fairy Lights

These lights are great if you want just a subtle light in the room at dark.

Art Attack

If your kid loves painting and sketching, display those masterpieces. Dedicate a wall just for the art pieces.

Music Station

If your kid is musically talented, have a corner where you can display the keyboard or the ukulele. Have a bench that can easily be slid under the table.

Are you here at the reading this line? If yes, what are you waiting for? Plan and discuss to change your kid’s room.

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