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Expansion of 8 Big Domestic Airports in Full Swing

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A country needs a good civil aviation system if it wants to develop its tourism sector. The aviation service not only attracts tourists from all over the world. But also plays an important role in the overall development of the nation. As Nepal is one of the top destination for people around the world, the aviation service has its own significance. However, Nepal has only one international airport in its capital city. It is accompanied by many domestic airports in different part of the country. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is expanding and upgrading the major domestic airports of Nepal. This is due to the increasing number of both national and international tourists,

According to CAN’s 22nd Annual Progress Report, CAN have prepared a master plan for major domestic airports to expand them in a planned manner. The state, local and the federal government in a joint partnership has made a policy to expand the large domestic airports around the country.


For the expansion of Biratnagar Airport, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the government of Province No. 1, Biratnagar Metropolitan City and the Federal government. They are investing 40, 10 and 50 percent of the total budget required respectively.

While for the development of Surkhet Airport, the state and the federal government has signed the Memorandum of Understanding. Both of them will be sharing 50-50 percent of the total cost.

After the expansion of six domestic aircraft aprons, Nepalgunj Airport has been in operation since November 30. The apron allows six A320s to perform push-back operations. Also, the construction work is going on to increase the length of the existing 1,500-meter runway by an additional 200 meters. There were plans to fly to New Delhi from the airport targeting Indian tourists going to Kailash Mansarovar. However, it is yet to finalize the flight.

The work of blacking out runways, taxiways and aprons at Dhangadhi, Bharatpur and Chandragadhi airports has been completed. A terminal tower building has also been constructed in Janakpur airport using ‘steel structure’ technology. It is now in operation.

The authority has also prepared a master plan to expand the Mahendranagar airport. The expansion will be conducted in collaboration with the local municipality and the state government.

International Airports

Soon Tribhuwan International Airport will not be the only international airport in Nepal. It will be accompanied by two international airports. Gautam Buddha International Airport at Bhairahawa and Pokhara Regional International Airport are currently under construction. 93 percent of total work is completed of Gautam Buddha airport while Pokhara airport is on 63 percent of completion.

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