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Essential Items for a Guest Bedroom

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Welcoming your guests with a big smile and good food and drinks is important. However, it is also equally important to make your guests feel comfortable with the right items. Also, remember that guests often feel incommodious to ask host for things. Therefore, it is your duty as a host to make your guest room cozy and inviting. Wondering how to make your guest bedroom full of comfort and convenience? Here is the list of some guest bedroom essentials that should be on your checklist.

Cozy Bedding

Behind the closed doors, you obviously want your guests to feel free and comfortable. Thus, a comfortable bed is a must. Set up a bed with a big duvet and fluffy pillows. However, make sure there is both soft and hard pillows. Check if the springs of the mattress are not broken. Beside the bed, keep a designated spot where they can store their valuable items like keys and purse.

Fresh Blankets & Linens

It is obvious that there will be a blanket in a guest room. Nevertheless, it is always better to give an extra pair in case it is extra chilly, or they have a liquid spill accident. Also, make sure that the blankets and bedsheets are clean. Besides this, make sure you put out a stack of towels before your guests arrive. Get the towels of different sizes if you want to be more hospitable.

Side Table Lamps

Lamps on each side of the bed are another nice gesture. People like to read in bed, and having a lamp by their bedside gives them that option. Also, your house is an unfamiliar place to them. This way, they won’t stumble around if they need to get up in the night.

Luggage Space, Hangers, Closet

Make sure that there is enough space for your guest to place their luggage. In case of small space, they can place their luggage inside the bed. Also, they’ll need room to store their clothes if their stay is longer. So, you can arrange a closet with some hangers in it. If you can’t arrange a closet, you can use some hooks so that they can hang their clothes.

Trash Can

Trash can, or dust bin is another important necessities in your guest room. There will be a used ticket, boarding pass, or cover or wrappers that your guests will no longer need. They can throw them in the trash can. If there are children, a trash can is even more useful.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock can work as a decorative piece as well as it is a thoughtful utility for your guests too. Though smartphones have taken over the world, having a wall clock makes your guest less dependent on their phones. You can even put an alarm clock on the side table. This makes your guest room look super cool.


A mirror is a nice and useful addition to any room. It is a comfortable and purposeful statement as it helps to get ready in the morning to freshen up for the dinner. Installing a fancy mirror also enhances the look of a guest room.

Water Glasses and Breakfast Bars

Make sure there is a couple of water glasses and a jar of water in your guest room. This way your guests don’t have to ask for your help now and then. You can even leave out a gift basket with candies, chips and other items for midnight snacks.

Most importantly don’t forget your Wi-Fi password !

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